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Where Am I?

Only the Shadow knows….

Where Am I?

art or chair

I love Houston and I miss it terribly. I’m currently in Austin getting fricking drunk at the STAPLE show and then preparing to meet with legislators on Monday and Tuesday at the Capitol (as part of my day job). Yes, you should be worried. Regardless, I took this photo in Houston… somewhere.

In regards to SXSW: The heck with it! Too many damn patchouli hippie wannabees running around the street with their silly acoustic guitar crap. Get a job you smelly bums. I have no sympathy for the music industry.

Where Am I?


The sadness of things that have come. Fear not… click on the image to see what was, but what will never be.

Excuse My Accent, Please

“Can you please help me?”, was the southern accent that was heard as I peered from the corner of my paperback to see who was trying to disturb me, while Pendergast was finally escaping from Herkmoor’s highly guard prison. Then she smiled, and I at that instance knew that my trip to Houston was going to be worth while.

Where Am I?

the spider from mars

Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars probably should have landed here.

If you are an Iron Man, then answer in the comments section.

Where Am I?


Is this the entrance to hog heaven?

Answer in the comments section to see pigs in zen.

Where Am I?


Located in Houston’s first Latino neighborhood and next to one of the largest Latino cultural centers in the United States.

Answer will be posted Friday afternoon. :)

Blue Bayou

sabinetobagbyolive.jpg Chances are, you were one of the thousands of Houstonians this weekend at Blue Bayou, a celebratiion of the grand opening of the Sabine to Bagby Promenade along Buffalo Bayou.

The event was filled with food, beer, bands (including a string quartet), a floating cinema courtesy of the Aurora Picture Show, boats & kayaks buzzing along the Bayou, a video of Monarch butterflies projected against the Sabine Bridge, and the length of the newly developed Promenade awash in cobalt blue lights. Families were strolling the promenade, kids were tumbling down hills and small groups of friends and couples were laying out on blankets. It was a beautiful summer evening and a wonderful way to experience one of Houston’s recent developments.

Spanning 23 acres, the $15 million Sabine-to-Bagby Promenade features trails, beautiful landscaping, a pedestrian bridge, public art and a high-tech lighting system. According to a Chronicle article about the Promenade features, “the lighting system features glowing orbs that will be white when the moon is full and, moving east to west, progressively change to blue as the moon goes through its phases. The lights will be all blue when the new moon appears, and the pattern will reverse itself for the remainder of the lunar cycle.”

If you weren’t able to make it to the Blue Bayou event this weekend and haven’t yet seen the new Promenade, you’re in for a treat. It’s beautiful, clean and also great new route for runners and bicyclists. For more information on the Promenade and other upcoming developments along Buffalo Bayou, check out the Buffalo Bayou Partnership website.

Where Am I?


No, I’m not in Vegas… but the show inside is probably similar.

Answer in the comments section if you want to find grace.

Where Am I?

Where Am I?

On the former grounds of extravagant living,
You can find me surrounded by tall buildings.
There remains sixty-three shades of green,
Even though theres nineteen years in between.

[Answer] Brian Poirier hit it right on the money. This is the fountains on the grounds of the old Shamrock Hotel. If you don’t know about the Shamrock, read up, its an interesting part of Houston’s history.

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