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Colder Weather on the Way?

Looks like we’re in for a treat the next few days…

The Chronicle’s reporting that a cold front will be coming through on Thursday. Although initially there might be some thunderstorms and strong winds, the cold front will stay until the weekend (with another one possibly coming next week – oh joy!).

It’s always amusing to see other cities up north worrying about reaching the 30s and 40s and here we are with a high of 86 today. I always wonder who’s better off – us with our light winters and humid summers, or them with their lighter summers and freezing winters.

This reminds me of a post I made last year around this time regarding the same issue – maybe I’m obsessed with cooler weather?

Blogging saves the day!

This just reported from the blog Adamnation: Because of the fire in downtown Houston, the Houston Chronicle was forced to rely on blogging alone to deliver news via the Internet. Without their main site operational, the staff broke out the laptops and redirected the site to their Moveable Type blogs.

(screenshot of temporary site)

Apparently the power has been restored downtown once again, but as of this post, the modified site is still up. Hmm… it almost seems like this blogging thing may be the way to go. ;)

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Houston Zoo’s Shanti the elephant is a Mommy!


22 months of pregnancy is a long, long time to be carrying around a baby, so I’m sure that Shanti the Asian elephant at the Houston Zoo is feeling quite relieved.

She delivered a healthy male calf yesterday, October 2nd, who weighs 384 pounds and stands at 40 inches tall. Check out the Baby Elephant blog for info on the baby naming contest, baby updates, cool facts about elephants and even Houston Zoo coupons!

Museum Today, Free Admissions #2

I’ve never been so keen for museums, expect after reading some novels involving them in the recent years. Houston has some of the best museums, and even though I wont be able to cover them all today, I’ll try and stick to just one museum and try to see it all. I just realized that a~lotus had just made a post regarding the same, right below.


Here are some other direct links for parking access and the other for location, hours and contact information for these institutions. And if you just happen to see, a really tired, weird looking guy just clicking at everything and anything, don’t fret it just might be me.

Never one to miss out on a promotional idea…

copyright Gallery FurnitureMattress Mac is betting customers will like his latest offering. Just a week after a Chicago area furniture store (Gonigam’s World Furniture Mall) offered free furniture (up to $10,000 per customer) if the Chicago Bears shut out their opponent, Gallery Furniture is making a similar wager. Gonigam’s ended up giving away $300,000 worth of inventory when the Bears held the Green Bay Packers scoreless. Mac is offering free furniture (if you purchased & take possession of $3,000 or more this weekend) to customers if the Houston Texans beat the Indianapolis Colts.

From where I sit, he is pretty darn safe. Despite the fact that, as with the Chicago store, he is likely insured against award losses, the odds against a payout are even slimmer. The chance that the Texans will beat a very good Colts team is less likely than the Bears shutting out a horrible Green Bay squad. But hey, if you were planning on purchasing some furniture from Gallery anyway, go by and take a chance on getting it free.

The Hunter, mourned

Always wondered why he was called the hunter. Coz the only thing hunters did was hunt animals, rather than explore them. And Irwin belonged to the latter.

Knowingly or unknowingly we are mourning his death, the death of the man who was rather popular by the name The Crocodile hunter. And this post goes out to Irwin and his family from the Houston Metblog family. I’m sure every other person, right here from Houston can relate to growing up watching his shows. The Australian who was known for his dare devil stunts, and his passion for wild life, especially the dangerous kind.

The part that saddened my heart, was when I saw a recast of him talking with Larry King live about how he dint want to die and leave his daughter without a father, he said he was going to try hard not to.

But most of all I’m glad he died doing what he did best, and what his first love had always been.

Irwin, May you rest in Peace, and you will always be remembered as the man who dared to do it.

Sugar Land Is The 3rd Best Place To Live In The U.S.

Although Adrian briefly mentioned this, I thought I’d elaborate a bit more, being a Sugar Land-ian (is that a word?)…

Having already been considered as one of the Best Communities for Young People and as one of the Best Places to Raise Your Family , Money Magazine and CNN/Money have chosen Sugar Land as one of the best places to live in America. Reasons cited for this ranking include the low cost of living, the diversity, and the number of job opportunities. Last year, Sugar Land was chosen as number 46.

I’m not surprised that Sugar Land ranked so highly. I’ve lived in the area for the last 14 years, and have seen a great deal of development. I can still remember when Highway 6 was practically empty on both sides, and now its full of businesses and restaurants. I personally consider Sugar Land to be an amazing city, filled with the modern conveniences of larger cities while maintaining that small town charm.

You can see signs all over the city celebrating this award…congratulations Sugar Land, you deserve it!

Habitat for Humanity

So, in my suddenly aquired free time (my former boss apparently didn’t need my two weeks notice), I thought to my self, “hmmmmmmmmmm, what to do”. It took me about an hour or two, but I finally figured out what to do. I figured I need to blog.

Traffic sucks, acid rain sucks, and so does Web 2.0. You know what’s really, really, really, really, really cool? People.

Dawn A., who helps with Pasadena Habitat for Humanity, is one of the 23 finalists for the Dr Pepper “Pepper Your Community” contest. The purpose of the contest is to celebrate people making a difference in their community. Online voting ends August 11 and the winners will be announced August 25.

This seems rather timely given the Mayor’s new initiative regarding the homeless.

One Year After Hurricane Katrina

I just received my August 28 issue of Newsweek in the mail yesterday and there’s an update on the Hurricane Katrina evacuees. Apparently a recent study shows that many of the evacuees have left the five major cities that they migrated to (Houston, San Antonio, Baton Rouge, Atlanta, and Birmingham). In Houston’s case, the number of evacuees has dropped 40% from 250,000 to 150,000.

One thing that is a bit alarming is that the article mentions that in Houston, evacuees are blamed for overcrowding and a rise in crime. While crowding did seem an issue for a few weeks after Katrina hit, I see little evidence of it now. Either I’m used to it or Newsweek may be exaggerating the issue. They went so far as to say that “Evacuees feel so stigmatized that they often hide their identity when applying for jobs or social services”.

Is this true? Is it that bad here in Houston? I certainly hope not…

What are your favorite Houston blogs?


We live in a big-ass city with lots going on — I rely on the magic of RSS feeds to keep me posted on breaking H-Town news, upcoming shows and delicious gossip-y tidbits.

A few Houston sites that fill my brain:

– A number of Houston Chronicle blogs
HouStoned blog (with love from the Houston Press gang)
Houston Calling – great music know-how and showtimes
Houstonist – news wrap-ups and cool Houston pics
BlogHouston – news and social commentary
Houston Architecture Forum – wow, a little of everything

Where do you go to keep up-to-date? What are your favorite online Houston spots? Fabulous Houston photo via Flickr from Laanba

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