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Everybody say Hi!

There’s a new city added to the Metblog family. Auckland is now on the radar and being represented by the Big Nosed Ugly Guy! So stop by and check out what’s happening over there in New Zealand.

Places to go, posts to read – new Metblog city fun

For all of you puddle jumping Houston Metblog readers out there, check out some of the Metblog’s latest international additions:

* Bangalore
* Chennai
* Hyderabad
* Nashville

Of course, if you want to read even more Metblog cities you can visit the site or expand the Metroblogging Cities link in our sidebar.

I love checking the Austin Metblog, Chicago Metblog and LA Metblog regularly – what are your favorite cities?

What does Houston look like to you?


The Metblog family is sponsoring a theme in the awesome JPG digital photography magazine called ‘Hometown‘. All submitted photos will be voted on by the photog community and winners will be featured in the November issue.

“Home is not just about where you’re from – it’s also about where you’ve chosen to be. What does your hometown look like, and how does it feel?”

Represent our fair city and let us see how you view H-Town! Don’t forget to post your Houston photos to the Houston Metblog Flickr group too…

Photo thanks to Notsuoh Photography!

All the cool kids are going to the spanky new Metboards

An evening at Onion Creek Cafe

oc.pic4.jpg So, last night was a Houston Metblogger meeting, and my first visit to Onion Creek Cafe in the Heights. Onion Creek’s been on my list of places-to-check-out for a while, so I was looking forward to finally making a visit.

Onion Creek is located on White Oak Bayou, about two blocks west of Studewood. Parking was a little tight, but I managed to squeeze into the last parking space in the back. Inside the cafe are a few tables, couches and full bar. My favorite part, though, was the huge outdoor patio that wrapped around half the cafe. There was a pretty healthy-sized crowd outside, but the tables were spaced well enough so that it didn’t feel cramped. And a lush wall of plants/greenery bordering the patio makes you forget that the cafe sits right on a relatively busy street. There was also a flat screen TV playing the Astros game. I didn’t order any food, but Luke had good things to say about their sandwiches. I did get a granita (thanks to Katie), which was delicious.

I really liked Onion Creek’s mellow vibe and equally mellow crowd. I’ll definitely go back for after-work unwinding with friends. Actually, the Heights is the one area of town that I’m pretty unfamiliar with and hope to spend more time exploring.

Keep Houston…???

So, I drove up to Austin today and of course, the “Keep Austin Weird” stickers were plentiful. I discussed with my passengers the Aggie response (“Keep College Station Normal”) and we had a fun discussion of what to Keep Houston…most of which was far too ribald to print here…but it made me wonder what everyone else would say should be the local community identity.



We, the collective geeks of the Houston Metroblog, would like to take a few moments to honor one of the most important persons of our lives, our mommies. So, in alphabetical order or authors, here’s what we have to say about our Moma!

HouMetbloggers and their Momai
Author My mom rocks because…
Adrian she took the brave, daring, difficult (and slightly dangerous) challenge of raising me.
beingkatie she is herself at all times and is always honest. That influenced me as I’d like to think that I am the same way.
Eric (“Fyre”) I can discuss the weirdest stuff with her, and she never bats an eye.
governor in 1979, when I was a mere nine years old, she took me to see Kiss in concert. What makes her even cooler was that she worked on her needlepoint during the show.
Hesam she is always ready to cook a fantastic meal and by being relentless in her pursuit to succeed.
Jen (aka Jen) she’s an awesome cook, she cracks me up, she has a good heart and because she’s my mom (awww).
Kathy (aka a~lotus) pushes us (my siblings and me) to be independent thinkers, tells us to always respect others (and don’t stoop low to their level), tells us that being honest means being good people, and that education will give you a better life and opportunities.
Katya a) she has put up with my 23 Katie-adventure-packed years and b) is still, hands down, the best cook I know
Samurai Shawn 1) she let me borrow a computer to finish a class 2) she makes a kick ass carrot cake and 3) when I was younger she finished her masters in psychology and brought my sister and I with her to night class. As a result I am able to have deep thoughts and carry on conversations that are at once challenging and enjoyable.
Sarah she will do anything she can to make sure that my sister and I have a good life, even if it means that she will have less time or money to enjoy her own.

If there are any stray HouMetBloggers out there not on this list, send me a quick email and I’ll plot you down.

And just because you’re not a MetBlogger, doesn’t mean you can’t participate! Leave a note in the comments about your Mom… fo shizzle muthas!

Suggest a Houston Metblog story


We love our readers and want to know what you’re interested in. Tell the Houston Metblog what we’re missing out on! Restaurants? Cool architecture? Houstonians of note? Funny stories? Dog parks? Best mimosas? Roller derby girls?

Suggest a story here (or click on the ‘Suggest a Story’ graphic in our sidebar) and see your ideas on the Metblog! We can’t promise that we’ll post all of them, but we will definitely give credit where credit is due.

Also, don’t forget the other ways to get your Houston life and events on the Metblog:

* Post your photos online at the Houston Metroblogging Flickr group

* Post your upcoming Houston events on and see them appear in our nifty event sidebar

Your view of Houston – show us what you’re working with!


Have some cool photos of the bats under the Waugh Dr. Bridge? Snapped a cool shot of the skyline at sunset? The Houston Metblog has a Flickr photo pool that is open to all of your Houston photos and images.

We want to see what you see! Start posting pictures to the group pool today and see your photos on our Metblog sidebar (=get famous).

New Metblog kid on the block — Chennai, India


If you’ve got a second this week, be sure and swing by our newest member of the Metblog family: Chennai, India

Also check out the Chennai Metblog Flickr group, for tasty visual treats.

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