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FotoFest 2006: Delilah Montoya book signing

This afternoon at Project Row Houses in Houston’s Third Ward, photographer and UH photo professor Delilah Montoya will be signing her new book Women Boxers: The New Warriors from Arte Público Press. The reception and book signing is scheduled for March 25, 2006 from 4:00-6:00 p.m. at Project Row Houses (2521 Holman, Houston, Texas 77004 between St. Charles & Live Oak St.) with Montoya, scholar Teresa Márquez, and Houston champion boxers Yolanda Swindell and Akondaye Fountain. Later that evening, women sparing matches will be projected onto the El Dorado Ballroom building (2310 Elgin @ Dowling) from dusk until 8:30 p.m.

The Seasons Switched

You know, I live in Houston all my life, and there are times when I still can’t figure out which days I need to wear a sweater or to just simply wear shorts and flipflops. The weather is usually unpredictable, because it doesn’t stay constant in one day.

Houston, The Real Melting Pot

Traveling through Houston yesterday and it became apparent to me just how diverse this city is. You know, America was supposed to be the melting pot. Everyone was to come to America and blend and share and become one people. I don’t think it ever really worked like that. New York, Chicago, they’re all divided. But Houston, now, Houston is blended. Sure, we’ve got our divisions, our boundaries, but overall, we’re pretty well integrated. Our blending is just not in the originally planned homogeneous way.

This realization slowly dawned on me as I was standing in line. Two (unacquainted) Nigerian men started up a conversation in line in their native tongue, the woman behind me was in a conversation in Spanish on her cell and the woman behind the counter could handle all of the accents.

Then later as I sat in a Whataburger and watched the Hispanic cashier discuss (partially in Spanish) the African-American customer’s request with the Middle Eastern manager and Asian co-worker.

Wow, if that’s not cultural blending, I just don’t know what is. As a city culture, we’re amazing. We never integrated into one unified culture, we just learned to share in each others’ cultures. Houston learned to live as who we are, hold on to our culture, but share in and work with everyone else’s.

Maybe Houston can give lessons on world peace. We could be like Bonoopolis or something. What do you think?

The lost disco-land of Elan


I love to learn random pieces of history about Houston.

This week I went to hear Judge Eckels speak at Courtyard on St. James Place (1885 St. James Place) – a pretty interesting venue for a corporate luncheon meeting. The food was swell and the tall ivy-covered walls a very pretty touch.

Turns out that this modest, tucked-away restaurant used to be none other than the glorified disco palace Elan of John Travolta / Urban Cowboy fame. The top meeting room floor used to have a gigantor hole in it for disco bunnies to mingle around and check out potential dance partners.

Sadly (or was it sad?), a few months after Urban Cowboy was released the Houston club world started edging its way towards Western swing dancing… well, it is Texas…

Read more random end-of-the-disco-era-sadness here. I am so easily amused.

Houston City Data

While surfing, today, I came across an interesting website, City-Data provides, well, data on thousands of cities across the United States. Needless to say, they have a plethora of information about Houston. Just to give you a taste, here’s some of the basics:
The median age of Houston residents is 30.9. The median household income is $36,616. The median home value is $79,300. (All statistics as of year 2000.)

Interesting, yeah? I’ve got a lot more, underneath.

Undetermined radio source near central Houston

I was out driving back from shooting pool with some friends of mine, last Friday night.  We encountered a strange radio station at 91.5fm.  Now, in my neck of the woods, 91.5 is an LPFM (Low Power FM) stations run by the local car wash, to give details about their washes and processes.  Evidentially, from just outside the Galleria area’s western side, on in to the downtown area, you can hear someone broadcasting on 91.5fm.  Does this go on all night? I don’t know.  I know it was going on from 1:30am until around 3:30am when I lost the signal.  The thing is, it’s NOT any regular radio station.  At my friends house, we listened for an hour, and no station ID.  Not even a single spoken word.  Just a lot of different styles of music.  Trust me, it’s not a Jack station… I think it’s a Cap’n Jack station.. you know, Cap’n Jack the Pirate?
You heard me.  Next time you’re down there on a Friday or Saturday night, inside the loop, maybe around montrose, the heights, downtown… tune in 91.5 around 1:30 am, and listen.  If there’s dead air, keep listening.  Maybe you’ll hear somethin new and neat.
Wish I knew who that was so I could 1) score an interview for the blog, and 2) find out what this one song I heard, was.
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UPDATE: The radio source on 91.5 has been found to be Rice University’s station 91.7, simulcasting at a lower power on 91.5 Not sure of the reason, but hey, to each their own. They were just playing things I normally don’t hear, even on their station, and a bunch of dead air for a few minutes, at one point. My mistake, and apologies.

This Week in Houston – The Houston Quiz

The Another Houston Quiz returns with some great trivia – featuring questions about current events in the Houston area.

(Time: 2:53)

This Week in Houston
Another Quiz Show

Houston Revealed – Final Report

In the excitement of all that

Houston Revealed #25

This is it.

This is the final installment of Houston Revealed! Before you open up the bottle of bubbly

Houston Revealed #24

Welcome to Houston Revealed #24. We’ve had a busy week since our last post. First congratulations to Eric Nordstrom for figuring out that Revealed #22 was taken at Annunciation Catholic Church. I thought the leafless trees might throw people off considering it is the middle of summer, but Eric persevered.

Congratulations also go to Patrick Winkler for answering #23, the Mellie Esperson building. Patrick remembered this detail even though he hasn’t been in downtown Houston for years! Patrick, what are you taking for your memory and can I have some? And take note that the Mellie Esperson building was the FIRST building in Houston to have central air conditioning. Leave it to a woman!

This is my swan song for Houston Revealed. I just want to take this moment to thank Paul Chavez for asking me to help him with his brain child. I learned so much about downtown from taking pictures and following the contest. I love Houston and our great downtown and I hope that this has inspired you to get out there and explore.

There could be nothing easier than this picture. I want every one of you to write in. Fill our mail box and tell us what it is. Even if you are not first, show me that you know it, because I know you do.

Image hosted by

I’m waiting to hear from you. Email Houston Revealed with the answer.

P.S. Before next week, somebody please go down to the theater district. Park in the garage. Go to street level and walk around looking for this metal sculpture. Let’s have a perfect run for Houston Revealed.

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