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Texas City Disaster 60th anniversary today


It’s funny how time slowly erases painful memories – until I listened to the radio this morning I didn’t even remember that today is the 60th anniversary of the Texas City Disaster – the worst industrial accident in US history.

There are of course many who have not forgotten the 600 people who were killed in the explosions or the atomic blast strength seismic waves that destroyed the wharf and were felt hundreds of miles away. Survivors, relatives, citizens and fire fighters all attended a memorial service today and were a part of the ‘We Remember: Texas City Disaster’ reunion photo. Photo of Texas City explosion wreckage thanks to University of North Texas Library

Yuri’s Night for the kiddos – exploring space on Earth


Due to the negligence of a certain Houston Metblogger (namely me), you may not have heard about the wonderful Houston Yuri’s Night celebration of the first man in space April 12th at Pub Fiction. I have failed you.

But all is not lost, as you can still join in the space celebration by attending the Space Day on April 21st by the George Observatory in Brazos Bend State Park. It will be an educational fun family event with requisite space geekery and good brain candy.

If you did make it to the Yuri’s Night alcohol-fueled celebration, do share your stories and tell us how much we suck for having missed it!

Houston Center for the Retarded walk on City Hall – learn more at NetSquared tonight!


If you’ve been keeping up with the political drama of the Houston Center for the Retarded (CRI-USA) and the city of Houston, it’s still going down!

Today over 200 people walked on City Hall wearing t-shirts supporting The Center’s fight to keep its West Dallas campus open and out of the hands of government appointed real estate moguls.

Discussions were going on in City Hall regarding the future of the Center today, to be continued for many more days I’m sure.

If you want to learn more about The Center’s plight and learn how to help – don’t miss tonight’s Houston NetSquared meeting at the Stag’s Head Pub ( 2128 Portsmouth St. ) at 7pm.

At the meeting, The Center Board Member (and parent of Center resident) Wilson Wendell will be talking to us about how they are trying to keep the West Dallas campus open to continue their valuable community outreach.

Questions, comments or just a little curiousity? Definitely attend NetSquared tonight where the group will discuss local social issues over beer and munchies. Good stuff. Visit the Houston NetSquared Meetup page here: for more info.

On-location cell phone photo of protesters loading into the bus thanks to Tracey Lee Wallace of True Light Resources.
Disclosure – the company I work for, Schipul, has donated free hosting for the Save the Center campaign. Just keeping it real…

Are you going?


Japan Fest 07

konnichiwa!! The Japan Fest this year is Saturday, April 14 and Sunday April 15. On schedule will be plenty of martial arts, music, tea ceremonies and of course food. My favorite is the Taiko drumming show done by Houston’s own Kaminari Taiko.

A little further down, you might want to come watch the promotions happening at Shinkikan. The promotions testing starts at 7:30 on Friday, April 20. Maybe a little far off but well worth the wait.

Twelve Moments: A Year of Meditation at The Rothko Chapel

Photo originally uploaded by Wiggin’

The Rothko Chapel has been hosting meditation seminars from around the world and I had the best experience going to one recently. This chapel is such a well-hidden treasure in Houston that you’ll have no trouble getting your zen on while learning about meditation practices from the Sikh, Theravada Buddhist, Christian, Jain, Native American traditions. The meditations take place once a month and are completely free. You can check out more information about the next seminar coming up here.

Happy Pi Day!


Today is Pi Day (as in 3/14 like 3.14159…). For many this is a big deal, for even more than that it’s probably just something you heard on the radio and rolled your eyes about.

If you fall in the first category, there’s still time to get over to the Houston Children’s Museum to participate in the Pi Day/Albert Einstein birthday celebration.

In celebration of these two significant days, join the Museum for fun games and activities. Take a stroll down the pi walk, 75 feet worth of this infinite decimal, to get an idea of how long it continues. Play circle logic, create a marbleized painting using a pie plate of shaving cream and food coloring, or measure the diameter of a tree trunk in the EcoStation exhibit. Enjoy a hearty serving of Frito Pie in the Kids’ CafĂ©; plus, kids can make edible mini-pies, meet Albert Einstein and sing him “Happy Birthday” at 1:59 p.m.

Vote for Texas Children’s Hospital!


Colgate and the Starlight Starbright Foundation is offering to donate a Fun Center for whatever regional hospital gets the most votes. Vote for Texas Children’s Hospital!

Houstonist celebrates 171 years of Texas with large amounts of alcohol


The Houstonist is holding a 171st birthday party for the great steamy state of Texas tonight. What better way to celebrate our state than getting sloshed at a Houston Light Rail Pub Crawl?

Free drinks and light rail tickets for folks who make it to the first stop early. We’re starting at Flying Saucer, but the rest of the list is secret. We’ll also have some giveaways too, so bring a friend and sharpie us in on March 2nd.

Time: Tonight at 5:30pm – you can’t stand up anymore
Place: Flying Saucer (705 Main St.)

Connections – a handshake with Sir Sidney Poitier


Sidney Portier was in town on Tuesday as part of the Brilliant Lecture Series and transplanted Singaporegrrrl Kerry and filmmaker husband Raymond Gayle got to play sneaky and snag a handshake and a memory. Her account:

Sir Poitier spoke about life, living, his beginnings, what it is to be useful. He spoke with such ease and contentment about his life. He told stories about the people that he encountered in his life that changed the course of his life and how he was never always aware of the impact that these people had at the time they were impacting him the most. He was beautiful to watch and listen to. This man is 80 years old (and 6 days he added) and he is truly an inspiration…. (read the rest of her cool story here)

What’s your favorite Houston connection story? What amazing people have you met from Houston or in Houston?

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