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Republicat, Demopublican – whatever, just vote

For the children, that is! The same people that help keep millions of teeth clean want you to vote for a hospital to receive an additional fun center for ill children. Colgate-Palmolive has already guaranteed one fun center for each hospital participating. Your vote will decide who gets an additional fun center. Right now, Houston is trailing in the no. 2 spot behind Detroit. Come on, peeps, vote for the kids!

What do you get when you join the wife of a comedian, a published author, a former technical documentor and a slap happy slosh of a samurai?

WOW. No, not *that* WoW. It’s the White Oak Writer’s club ;-).

So I was browsing through the single comment left on my site (site has existed now for millions of seconds and yet only one comment, hmmm) and this comment was from someone inviting me to join a group of writers out at Cavatore’s. I’m really glad I went. These one’s are really good writers and I have enjoyed the various occasions that we’ve gotten together. They are indeed very impassioned about writing and I am privileged to have been invited. Due to the level of seriousness with which they approach writing, a certain expectation to contribute has been laid upon the flattest part of my head. I don’t know if this group has yet become aware but I don’t have flat parts anywhere on my head and therefor expectations placed on my head often fall fast. However, I have positioned my mind to accept the challenge of writing more and offering my humble efforts to their trained eyes. They are a good group of people and I’m enjoying their writing very much.

With this challenge in mind, what would any self-respecting samurai do? Naturally, I went to the store, bought some beer and put on some mariachi music and started writing. Linda Rondstadt does a really good job of singing mariachi music. I’ve heard mariachi music referred to as the Mexican Blues.

If you are interested in getting together with us, contact me at my website or by email at shawncarey1

So…let’s start slingin some ink!

America’s Giving Challenge


On the heels of my previous post about the wildlife in Houston, I got a head’s up (in the form of a suggestion) about a contest that the TWRC would really, really, double really like to win. From the TWRC:

“The top 4 national organizations which bring in the most individual donations (by donation count not total dollars raised) are awarded $50,000 each for their organization. We have been running in the top 10 nationally (were in 3rd place at one time), and are now in 6th place. This challenge ends January 31. For us to win $50,000 in this event would bring quite a bit of attention to Texas, Houston, and to wildlife rehabilitation. We are in the process of looking to expand our facility so that we can rehab more on site, and enlarge our Baby Bird Program.

They have a donation page on their website where you can also grab the code and put the badge on your own blog.

Hey, Got Social Media??

Next month there will be a gathering of the social media gods of Houston. Peanut Butter Media, PopLabs, and Startup Houston are sponsoring a conference designed to help business owners take advantage of current offerings in social media.

What is social media? Glad you asked!

Social Media is about People – Not Technology.*

Here is a link to their agenda.

* Erica O’Grady –

Merry Christmas

happy holidays

Happy Holidays!!

Photo courtesy of Paul McRae

UH 2007 School of Art Annual Student Exhibition

Tonight the Art Dept. at University of Houston is having their student show opening at the Blaffer Gallery. The opening is from 7 to 9 in the Fine Arts building on the UH central campus (Entrance 16 off of Cullen, near Cullen & Elgin).

In addition to the works shown in the gallery proper, tonight all four floors of the building will be opened up for touring the studios of the various disciplines and media within the department.

Museum District Day returns!

Picture originally uploaded by j-a-x.

Enjoy free visits to 14 museums on August 18th during the annual Museum District Day! For easy exploration, free shuttles will be available from 10 am until 5pm for visitors. Participating in this year’s festivities are the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the Children’s Museum of Houston and the Museum of Fine Arts. For a compete list of museums and other details, go here.

Museum District Day will feature fascinating exhibitions, hands-on activities, demonstrations and performances throughout the day. Fourteen museums will waive their general admission fee to offer the community the opportunity to enjoy the District’s diverse displays of art, science, nature and history.

Houston Press Music Awards


  • Featuring over 50 of Houston’s best local bands all in one evening for only $10!
  • Beginning at 4pm at Bayou Place &
    Downtown Venues
  • Your $10 wristband is your admission to every venue, and is available NOW at Catwalk (1431 Westheimer 11am-7pm Mon-Sat & 11am-5pm Sunday) OR at all showcase venues the day of the event. SPECIAL CATWALK ADVANCE PURCHASE OFFER: 2 FOR $15!
  • For more info, call 713.280.2448

Vote here

*Funky alien art courtesy of Houston Press

“Sorry for shooting you in the head”

Wow, this story over at the Chronicle is incredible. An inmate was erroneously released and proceeded to find the person he shot in the head….to say “I’m sorry”. Makes me wonder about the real effect of serving time. Should there be more of an emphasis on rehabilitation versus just locking up the bad guys? I think so. Not necessarily every convict can be rehabilitated. But it seems this guy was temporarily released and wanted to make amends. Large cities like Houston would seem to benefit from more rehabilitative programs and more effort in that direction. Is this guy an example of how “correctional facilities” really are correcting behavior? I doubt it. Seems like this guy is more of an exception. What do you think?

Houston Zoo gets a pretty new face


The Houston Zoo (1513 N. MacGregor) launched a very sweet new Web site this week with interactive maps, podcasts and a coupon area for those with thin wallets. Used in conjunction with the Houston Zoo blog about baby Mac the elephant, you can get a very good animal fix here.

There’s been some hubbub about the upcoming July 1 ticket price raise (adults now $10 / kids now $5), but if you’re a little clever in Zoo trip planning you can get cheaper tickets at Fiesta stores, get $4 off admission after 4pm (during the summer) or, if you’re really hardcore, brave one of the free days at the Zoo – like this July 4th.

Bonus link: I heart binturongs!!!!

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