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Republicat, Demopublican – whatever, just vote

For the children, that is! The same people that help keep millions of teeth clean want you to vote for a hospital to receive an additional fun center for ill children. Colgate-Palmolive has already guaranteed one fun center for each hospital participating. Your vote will decide who gets an additional fun center. Right now, Houston is trailing in the no. 2 spot behind Detroit. Come on, peeps, vote for the kids!

EVENTS – Houston Presidential Energy Summit

America’s Energy Future Symposium

featuring the top Presidential candidates
hosted by Opportunity Houston
February 28th

713-568-6361 Call in your news!!

What do you get when you join the wife of a comedian, a published author, a former technical documentor and a slap happy slosh of a samurai?

WOW. No, not *that* WoW. It’s the White Oak Writer’s club ;-).

So I was browsing through the single comment left on my site (site has existed now for millions of seconds and yet only one comment, hmmm) and this comment was from someone inviting me to join a group of writers out at Cavatore’s. I’m really glad I went. These one’s are really good writers and I have enjoyed the various occasions that we’ve gotten together. They are indeed very impassioned about writing and I am privileged to have been invited. Due to the level of seriousness with which they approach writing, a certain expectation to contribute has been laid upon the flattest part of my head. I don’t know if this group has yet become aware but I don’t have flat parts anywhere on my head and therefor expectations placed on my head often fall fast. However, I have positioned my mind to accept the challenge of writing more and offering my humble efforts to their trained eyes. They are a good group of people and I’m enjoying their writing very much.

With this challenge in mind, what would any self-respecting samurai do? Naturally, I went to the store, bought some beer and put on some mariachi music and started writing. Linda Rondstadt does a really good job of singing mariachi music. I’ve heard mariachi music referred to as the Mexican Blues.

If you are interested in getting together with us, contact me at my website or by email at shawncarey1

So…let’s start slingin some ink!

EVENTS – Texas Home & Garden Show

22nd Annual Texas Home & Garden Show
February 15th through 17th

713-568-6361 Call in your news!!


Hey everyone! Been a while but I’ve been hard at work…
If you’re interested in seeing my latest paintings on wood I have about a dozen pieces showing right now.

Ongoing Exhibit: Feb 4, 2008 through April 26, 2008. There will not be an opening reception for this event, sorry.
Location: PremiumGoods 2416 Times Blvd. Houston, Texas 77005
Featuring: Shizoq, Heidi Valdez, and Derek Shumate

If you’re in the Rice Village area one day please stop by and take a look. These other two artists are really great. Should be cool!

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