John Kerry Lied To Me

(Sorry for posting this so late but I’ve got RSI in both wrists and I’ve been slacking on a lot of my keyboard duties.)

Um, What was it? Oh, yeah…

So I was fortunate enough to have made it out to the John Kerry book signing at Brazos Bookstore the other week. I was speeding from the west side of town just to make it there on time. I couldn’t miss this unique opportunity to confront evil face-to-face. There were only about 50 people there and I got there 2 minutes before the Senator pulled up and walked in with a smug look on his face. This is a short recap of what went down…

I was a nervous twitch while sitting there listening to his 15 minute speech about his book and the environment. (During this very short speech he must have mentioned he’d “wrap it up” at least 3 times.) I had no idea how I was going to tie in my concerns about 9-11 until words out of his own mouth provided a segue for me. He was talking about toxins in our air and water and mentioned PCB’s, Mercury & Aesbestos (among others) when I instantly knew what I was going to say.

He started with one question before me which was from an average middle-aged man in the back and was, “What can I do as an individual to help?” To which Kerry responded with the likes of, “Use alternative light bulbs and ride a bike when you can…” type of mumbo-jumbo. Don’t even get me started on that. Then BAM. He picks me. I’m literally 10 feet away from this man and look him straight in the eyes. My nervousness fled and it was on.

“During one of the biggest environmental catastrophes in my lifetime I was exposed to Asbestos, Mercury, Aluminum & Lead. That day was 9-11. If what you write in your book is true and your words are legit then why has nothing been done to help the victims of 9-11? I’m also here to follow up on your promise to the people that you’d look into the collapse of World Trade Center 7.”

Before answering he asked me TWICE if I was there in NYC on that day as if in disbelief that an eye witness could be sitting next to him in Houston, TX. After I cleared that up he began to dance around the bush (no pun intended) and attempt to deflect my question by telling the small crowd that they have formed committees and have held meetings over the 9-11 environmental catastrophe and are still looking into it. I immediately said that “No sir, that’s a lie, nothing has been done.” The Senator then snapped back, “What do you want to be done?” to which I answered, “I want someone to be held accountable! Christine Todd Whitman of the EPA went on air and told the public that the air was “safe to breathe”. We now know that the statement was entirely false, Christine refuses to comment on it, no apology has been made nor has the statement been retracted.” His only response was something along the lines of “These things take time and that we’re moving in the right direction. We just regained control of the House and we’re working hard to resolve a lot of this stuff.”

I finally got fed up with him and addressed the crowd. I told them that he does not work for the people and that he works for powerful global banking interests and is involved with the Bilderberg Group. I encouraged them to research Bilderberg on Google to find out who this man really works for. I also told them that this Global Warming scare is a scam against the people. This is a natural phenomenon that we can’t control and they are exploiting it for personal gain. A few people were nodding their heads in agreement but others were hissing and booing and I was being motioned by the book people to leave so before totally turning the event upside down and because I had no fellow truthers with me for backup I decided to walk out and let John Kerry fill their heads with more lies.

Oh, I forgot to mention that he didn’t even attempt to respond to my comment about World Trade Center 7, which he promised the people he’d look into.

So I’m sure I’m leaving some small details out but that’s basically what happened according to memory.

I was outraged to later find out that no one had recorded or documented my concerns or our mini-debate with each other. (If anyone knows where I can obtain audio or video of this event I will pay you for it.) I was even more upset after reading the Houston Chronicle article that was written by some John Kerry boot-licker. She spent the whole time praising the Senator and commending him for his efforts to take action and “save our environment”. The only thing written about my time on the floor was this: “Right off there was a heckler, but he blew up and stomped off after just a few minutes. Then the love fest was on.” (Read the entire article at

First off, I wonder why people see him as an advocate of the environment and an active fighter against “Global Warming”. Not only is he riding Al Gore’s coat-tails but the man just produced millions of paper books and is flying/driving around the country promoting it and signing them with toxic permanent markers. How dare he stand there and tell ME to cut down on my carbon emissions. This is just his carbon activity for the book tour. Imagine everything else he does to “destroy the environment”.

Second, I was NOT heckling. I was asking legitimate and important questions during a formal Q&A session. I also didn’t blow up. I simply spoke out against the Senator’s lies and left once I was asked to without causing a scene. It’s very sad to see a “Journalist” describe my time like this. Surely my question was more important than describing the man’s stature.

In closing, I’m very disappointed in his responses to my concerns and I really just wanted to get this off my chest since the event was under-reported and I also wanted to let you all know how these people react when they’re confronted with hard-ball questions. We deserve answers! I encourage everyone to speak out against these people who currently wield power over us before things progress and it’s too late to make changes and before we start getting killed for doing such a thing.


*Also note that it’s been 5 years and no one has been held accountable for the 9-11 attacks. The majority of these people have all been caught lying to us on record about what happened that day*

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  1. katya (unregistered) on June 14th, 2007 @ 1:23 pm

    Wow. Just… wow.

  2. Adrian (unregistered) on June 14th, 2007 @ 9:53 pm

    Bravo Derek!

  3. Sara (unregistered) on June 19th, 2007 @ 3:13 pm

    that’s insane – i would NEVER have the guts to do something like that…! props to you for taking a stand!

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