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Contemplating the American Landscape

The exhibition, Contemplating the American Landscape, is closing Friday, June 29th, so do check it out if you get a chance. Three Houstonians are featured in a group exhibition of American landscape and you can drop by for a last look at the Travis Tower lobby in downtown Houston. One of the artists featured, Divya Murthy, is interested in documenting the destruction, construction, and evolution of her neighborhood in Houston. Sounds interesting, yeah?

Get directions and press release here.

Mr. 3000: Biggio Joins the Club

Originally uploaded by B&M Photography.

I’ve never been much into baseball but with my recent bouts of disinterest with the Rockets, I may be in the market for a new sport…

Craig Biggio secured career hits 2,998, 2,999 and 3,000 Thursday night at Minute Maid Park. And for good measure he also knocked hits 3,001 and 3,002 including an 11th inning single that started a rally that saw the Astros win the game 8-5 after Carlos Lee slammed a walk-off grand slam – with Biggio at third – to cap a magical night at the Juice Box.

Read entire article here.

Photo Houston – Home of Easy Credit

easy credit
Originally uploaded by el_en_houston.

Seen on The Consumerist site today, I love this shot of Dean’s Credit Clothing ( 316 Main St.) by Flickr photographer en_el_houston.

There is something about old skool signs that just makes me giddy. Other suggestions?

iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone!!!!!


Okay gadget geeks, so you obviously know that the iPhone is being released tomorrow (June 29th at 6pm). Perhaps you have no life and are already standing in line, which means you are most likely not reading this and I am very jealous of you.

Or perhaps you are sitting in front of your computer wistfully daydreaming about bringing home your own happy handheld – in which case, you should definitely keep an eye on this iPhone availability chart which will keep you posted as to what Houston Apple stores have iPhones.

You can also hook up with local iPhone workshops to learn how to get the most out of your new little iPhone friend. Sick of it all already? You can vent your iPhone fatigue with local tech guru Dwight Silverman on the Chronicle tech blog.

Tethered to the Sun show this Friday – yay!!!!


I have a huge photographic crush on the Tethered to the Sun girls. If you don’t know them, they are a pair of local Polaroid-wielding geniuses who snap (admittedly rather adult-themed) photos of beautiful people, smiles, skin, bathtub moments and many other soft and wonderful things.

Anyway, they are holding a one-night show at Dean’s (316 Main St.) and you should most definitely attend:

Tethered to the sun is a collaborative team of artists made up of Traci Matlock and Ashley MacLean. Dean’s will host their first their first large showing of photographs and video during a one-night feature exhibit on Friday, June 29th. Their work strives to discuss communication, sexuality, identity and cognition through the formation and reformation of myths. The event will be DJed by Nathan Smith and Dave Wrangler. Wine provided by Naked Winery and catering by Humidity Free Productions.

Houston Zoo gets a pretty new face


The Houston Zoo (1513 N. MacGregor) launched a very sweet new Web site this week with interactive maps, podcasts and a coupon area for those with thin wallets. Used in conjunction with the Houston Zoo blog about baby Mac the elephant, you can get a very good animal fix here.

There’s been some hubbub about the upcoming July 1 ticket price raise (adults now $10 / kids now $5), but if you’re a little clever in Zoo trip planning you can get cheaper tickets at Fiesta stores, get $4 off admission after 4pm (during the summer) or, if you’re really hardcore, brave one of the free days at the Zoo – like this July 4th.

Bonus link: I heart binturongs!!!!

“Government sanctioned rip-off!”

A lot of people are quite upset over a recent increase in toll road rates by Harris County’s Commissioners Court. Which adds fuel to the theory that if you want a revolution, you strike at people’s pocketbooks, not at their hearts.

Katy Freeway Just Got More Interesting…

Picture originally uploaded by Hugotepic

I’m psyched..Houston-based sculptor David Adickes recently unveiled his 36-foot-tall sculptures of the Beatles. Currently the sculptures sit in front of SculpturWorx Studio on Summer Street near I-10 but will be moving in the next few months toward the Katy Freeway near North Shepherd in order to be more visible to drivers.
The sculptures roughly weigh 10 tons and are made from white cement on steel.

On a side note, recall the huge Sam Houston statue that sits on I-45 when you’re heading out to Dallas? David Adickes is the sculptor behind that as well!

Time For Some Graffiti Videos

Speaking of videos from 2005, check out this humorous animated piece I found on YouTube. It’s Graffiti artist MEAT bombing the side of a building…

I also found another cool Graffiti video featuring Houston’s own NEKST gettin’ down:

Scrap Daddy

Ever heard of Houston’s finest Art Car engineer Mark Bradford?
I just found this cool little documentary about his 2005 entries. I’m sure most of you have seen at least one of his creations roaming around the streets of Houston.

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