Lahore Metblogging – Embracing freer press


One of the coolest things about the global Metblog family is the amazing diversity in cultures, backgrounds and perspectives we are made privy to thanks to our amazing authors.

That’s why we are super proud of Mohammed Khan and the entire Lahore Metblogger community for opening a door into a country and climate completely different (and at the same time very similar in many ways) from our Houston world of BBQ, Hummers and heat waves.

Check out Wired Magazine’s coverage of Mohammed and his Metblog adventures:

At times, Khan and Lahore’s other bloggers are openly critical of their government; some have even taken a stance against religious fundamentalists. Their writing is sometimes razor sharp, at other times meandering.

In other words, they’re typical bloggers.

“Yes,” Khan said, “there is a free press. Freer press, rather. And yes, that’s a very good thing. For example, you can now make fun of the president. You can make fun of anything. (Then) they say, ‘Look at how free we are.’ But that would be settling for less. This is not free press. Free press is being able to say anything you want.”

What are some of your favorite Metblog sites? When is the last time you visited a new city to check up on their happenings, grumbles, inside jokes and coffee shop stories?

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  1. Rehan (unregistered) on April 20th, 2007 @ 9:51 am

    Well said, in Pakistan we have “freedom of speech” but not “freedom after speech.”

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