One question — Sex: Why Bother?

Sex: Why Bother? is more than just a disgruntled, open-ended question your best friend confronts you with over Sunday brunch mimosas the morning after breaking up with her loser boyfriend.

If you’re up for some very interesting discussion on ‘what’s under the sheets’ in regards to sexuality vs. asexuality, you should check out tonight’s Science Café panel at Salento Coffee House (2407 Rice Blvd.) from 7:30 – 9pm.

One of the greatest mysteries of biology is why humans need a sexual act to reproduce while some organisms such as bacteria do not…. Why then are some species, like humans, only able to reproduce with a sexual act? This is one of the greatest intrigues of evolutionary biology. And science aside, what does sex mean to us after all? Do we mate with the only goal of passing genes onto the next generation? Or is there more to it under the sheets? Come and discuss these questions with renowned scientist, medical ethicist, and religious studies scholar at the next Science Café.

The Science Café is sponsored by Houston PBS, the University of Houston and asexual organisms everywhere. Thanks to Abi for the heads up!

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