It was a bright & sunny afternoon…

Okay… so what the hell happened to the winter weather? Crap! I was looking forward to getting at least another week’s worth of wear out of my sweaters. I must admit Houston, one thing I miss about living above the Mason-Dixon line was the glory of winter. As it turns out, we only get to experience Winter-Lite. Hey… I’m not complaining here, I’m just pointing out the obvious (which is what I do best).

So I was out driving around last Sunday with my girlfriend (and my camera) when we stumbled across…

The Church of Highly Concerned Anti-Abortionists.

Oh boy… check out all those crosses. I wish I could have framed a better shot so you could see the scale of just how many crosses there are. Each cross represents 1,000 abortions and are lined up by year… starting with 1973.

After snapping a few shots of the church crosses thing, I continued down a back road and was enjoying the scenic country drive. Houston may have a crappy excuse for winter, but I love the idea of quickly escaping the big city to find tranquility in the countryside. Besides tranquility, you may also find…

Joe Dirt's Home
An “office” for the local dirt yard.

While I understand the concept of a dirt yard, it still sounds goofy. Imagine you are in the market for some dirt and you find yourself in front of Ye Olde Dirt Yard:

Customer: Good morning, I would like to buy some dirt.
Dirt Yard Manager: Sorry, we’re sold out.
Customer: Sold out? Can’t you go out back and dig up some more?
Dirt Yard Jefe: Nope.
Customer: Why not?!
Dirt Yard Boss-man: We have to wait until next week.
Customer: Next week… Why?!
Dirt Yard Kingpin: Gotta give the dirt some time to grow back before we dig it up again.
(rim shot)

Not too many miles away, I found an icon of serenity:

Look deep into the photo.

Can you hear the birds chirping? Can you feel the wind softly blowing around you? Can you hear the cows in the distance, lowing? Can you hear the shotgun of the farmer who is yelling at you to get off his property?

And even further down the road…

Forgotten & Unforgiving
This was a depressing yet interesting site.

It sits a few hundred yards away from the BP plant in Texas City. Yes, the same BP site that experienced the tragic explosion a few years ago.

As it was still early on Sunday morning, we drove into Houston proper and decided to see if we could pop in for a quick recording at the Story Corps camper. Thanks to Katya fo da heads up on this project!

Unfortunately for me, their schedule was full for the day with no cancellations. But I’m glad that Houstonians are taking time to tell their story.

Feeling lost for something to do, I wandered around the Museum District and noticed a bit of graffiti from the Knitta Please Posse.


Revolting! What a disgrace!!!

And look, even more tragically violent knitting action!


Dudes, I was getting tired of all this exploring and photos and stuff. So I decided to have a sit down and ponder all that I had seen.

Sigh……. I still dream of Edna Gavito.

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  1. EN (unregistered) on January 24th, 2007 @ 1:41 am

    I like your blog.
    There are so many sides of Houston to enjoy. The joyful and the depressing. Nice post.

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