Gov. Perry Does a 180 on Border Security Philosophy


Gov. Rick Perry said a whole lot about border security during his re-election campaign. From what I remember, he kinda towed the party line about building a wall along the Mexican border. But today, he told a the Texas Border Coalition that building a wall along the border is “preposterous”.

Gov. Good Hair’s campaign pandered to the “angry anti-immigrant” segment of the population, and seeing as how he got reelected, that’s a popular sentiment around here. So it must come as a total shock when he says “The only thing a wall would possibly accomplish is to help the ladder business.”

In an unusally wise statement, Perry says “Good neighbors do not foster fear and engage in divisive appeals. They seek solutions”

Hopefully this is the beginning of sane political thinking about how to deal with immigration. What do you think? Is a wall a good idea? Are there other options? Would you really sit and watch a webcam of the border?

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  1. Cloak&Swagger (unregistered) on December 7th, 2006 @ 9:53 am

    Adrian, you ever heard of NAFTA?
    That’s what this is really all about.
    And a majority of Texans have absolutely no idea what it is, or what it will become.

  2. webelder (unregistered) on December 12th, 2006 @ 6:07 pm

    What’s so unusual about Perry? Isn’t this what they all do to get elected? Say what they think the people want to hear..then show their true feathers after the election?.

    The Border wall is crazy…as long as there are incentives to come to the U.S. people will come..over the wall,thru the wall,around the wall and under the wall. If somebody is willing to die in the desert or get shot,a wall will not stop them. Just a waste of money. There just has to be alternatives. Perhaps making is easier to come here legally might be a good start?.

    I have a friend who took 3 years and thousands of dollars to get his Wife and kids here legally…while his neighbor got his Family here in two weeks the illegal method.

    Where is the incentive to go the legal route? You get more help if you’re illegal than if you try the proper,legal way. It seems the need for cheap labor and those that cannot complain about working conditions make’s illegal workers so well liked. Those that use the legal way to come into the U.S. will seek better jobs,transition into the American way of life and as such are not as useful to cheap labor market’s.

    Either reduce the incentive to come to the U.S. or infuse those already here into mainstream society and “tax the hell out of them” like all good Americans. I’ll bet many will willingly return to their own Countries when they realize how much of their low wages will be taken in Gov’t taxation……

    And when they make better money and find they no longer qualify for free social services,etc..they may finally realize that things are really not that much better here…..if you’re poor…tough.

    Just my thoughts,

  3. RM (unregistered) on December 15th, 2006 @ 2:30 pm

    I think the webcam is a fantastic idea. Citizens across the U.S. can and will spot the illegals and should have the information available to call our “swamped” border control centers. And yes there are many people that would use this device to keep our country from sinking into the swamp of illegals coming across our borders. .. No matter what they are here for .. to work (they are still illegel) or to “take” or to “destroy” (terrorists)

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