Hometown Taliban 2: The Partial Oops

An update to yesterday’s Hometown Taliban.

Oh the Terror!

An unnamed faithful reader points out that suspected terrorist guy #1 was in fact, here in the country legally. HCC says that they have a current I20 form on file for Adnan Mirza. Not being an immigration expert myself, I’ll have to take the Chrons word for it that that lets people stay here legally.

Oh yeah, and Kobie Williams has denounced it all. A complete change of heart. I’d say ‘yeah, getting arrested kinda does that to you‘ but it looks like he turned himself in!

Both lawyers representing Williams said they could not comment on whether their client knew federal officials were watching him or whether Williams led investigators to Mirza. Floyd said that Williams had been communicating with federal investigators for some time before he surrendered to U.S. marshals Tuesday.

Hmmm… thats interesting. Well, good for him and the whole “seeing the error of his ways” thing.

While I don’t always agree with David’s opinons, he wrote an interesting article on the Lone Star Times about connections these guys had to a particular mosque in Houston.

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