Hometown Taliban


You hear about it sometimes: A guy in New York, a college kid in LA, someone somewhere was caught giving aid to terrorists. But Tuesday afternoon, two students were arrested right here in Houston for giving support and planing to fight with the Taliban. I know we’re really friendly and helpful here in Houston, but thats a little much don’t you think?

According to the Chron article: Kobie Diallo Williams has pled guilty to to “conspiracy to assist a terrorist group”. Which, if I remember right, is gonna land you in jail for a bit. The other guy, a Pakistani national here on an expired student visa, is in the for the same thing and some federal wepons charges. Basically, the guys were giving money to someone who said they were giving it to the Taliban. And they were taking gun courses so they could eventually go fight in Afghanistan and Iraq.

While their plans weren’t very scary on their own, it is kind of a reminder that this kinda stuff can happen here. We live in the only city in the US with all major terrorist targets and, whatever your political/ideological views may be, there are those who’d like to do away with us. So, moral of the story? I guess just keep your eye’s peeled.

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  1. Scott (unregistered) on November 30th, 2006 @ 11:42 am

    Oops! His visa wasn’t expired:
    Great police work, feds! (sarcasm)

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