In aikido we study how to blend with an attacker’s energy so as to neutralize the effect of the attack. I really believe we are all given opportunities to study how to blend throughout the day, whether in the dojo or not. I’m often thinking about ways to explain how aikido really works and somehow I keep reverting back to driving. The idea of merging into freeway traffick is a fairly good analogy of what blending should be like. When you don’t blend with your attacker, you end up crashing into them.

Well, far be it from the Gods of Aikido to prevent me the opportunity to practice aikido with my SUV. I was leaving the dojo this morning and was at the intersection of Voss and San Felipe. At this intersection there were a large number of kids wearing football jerseys and trying to raise money for something. I passed the light and noticed what I thought was about to be a fight between one of the kids and a driver. What I didn’t notice was the Mustang in front of me that came to a complete stop. I blended right into their license plate. Nice.

Their muffler was knocked out of place and my licens plate completely came off. No one was injured fortunately. But I certainly could have done without the distraction of an entire football team soliciting money. I got even more pissed when one of the kids at the audacity to come over *after* the accident and ask for money.

So here comes Johnny on the spot Police officer to make sure everyone’s ok. He starts going through his routine and then makes the comment that he had warned the team about it being dangerous to do what they were doing (I actually thought this was illegal now). Someone on the team or someone representing the team quipped back at the cop saying that the cop was just saying that because the team was black and the neighborhood was white.

What a crappy thing to happen on such a beautiful Saturday.

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  1. katya (unregistered) on November 19th, 2006 @ 7:59 am

    Oh yuck – that is ugly. You should go for a nice pitcher of Sunday mimosas to make up for it.

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