Eden After Hours No More?

If you’ve been wanting to go to after hours this past weekend, you’ve undoubtedly heard the latest news: Eden, a relatively popular after hours venue, was the target of a police sting operation this weekend. The Click2Houston article incorrectly states that the sting occured on Saturday night; in fact, it occured on Friday (the 13th!).

For those of you that have never been to an after hours place similar to Eden, the scenario usually goes something like this: get to the door and either know the door guy or convince him that you are friends with someone inside. Proceed to pay a cover, and go inside a dark room, where electronic dance music pulsates away until early morning. There’s energy drinks, water, and other refreshments to keep you hydrated.

According to allegations, that’s not all that goes on during after hours. Recently, drugs have poisoned much of Houston club culture, leading many to openly and freely consume whatever they please without fear of gettng in trouble (anyone that has been out recently can attest to this). The recent sting will likely be a wake up call for many: not only were the bartenders arrested, but people that were on the property and were in possession of any drugs were taken into custody as well.

It’s unclear what lies for Eden; hopefully it can still survive after the effects of the sting. It would be nice to assume that there can be a place where people can go after the regular clubs close, sit back, and listen to some good music. I guess that isn’t an attractive idea to most people, which is why this happened. Will it happen again, with some other club, at some other place? For sure. Illegal drugs and after hours drinking are part of the Houston scene, and it’s something that we have to accept. I’m certainly a little shocked to hear about this, but I knew it was coming sooner or later. I expected the “sting” to involve the police rushing in and just closing the place down. I didn’t know they could arrest customers as well. For now, many people are freaked out and I’m sure that some of them will be taking it easy for a while.

So what do YOU think about the recent sting, and after hours clubs in general? Good, bad?

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  1. katya (unregistered) on October 18th, 2006 @ 12:37 pm

    Hmmm… I don’t have any problem with after hours clubs, but I don’t think we should accept drugs as part of the Houston scene at those clubs.

    Late night party people are going to want to enjoy their substances of choice, but why bring it in with you to the club? It only makes sense that if the club gets busted for illegal activity (serving alcohol after hours), you just might too if you’re carrying/doing something illegal in a place that is known for people doing just that.

    I say if people are worried about it, go to the club to sit back and listen to music and then head home to do your thing.

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