Garf and Wireless Bill Chat Tonight

Michael Garflied, the most handsome and talented High Tech Texan, will be following up on a blogger conference call with Mayor Bill White by holding an online chat session in front of City Hall tonight at 6:30PM with Mayor White:

Laptop Chat With Mayor White

If Houston wants to keep up with other “high-tech” cities like San Francisco and Philadelphia then we need WiFi everywhere. At least according to Mayor Bill White. The City’s proposal process closed on Tuesday. Now comes the evaluation process and debates. Company selection and debates. Approvals. Debates. And then the build out.

Do you think Houston needs a citywide wireless network? When will it be finished? How much will it cost? Mayor Bill White will try to answer these questions and more from YOU. Log on and join Mayor White as I host and moderate his first online chat tonight at 6:30pm CT. We will be sitting outside in front of City Hall (WiFi connection, of course) taking your questions and comments. Fire up your webcam, too, as we will also hold a live videoconference so we can all see each other.

Log on here tonight at 6:30pm for a new kind of fireside chat with Mayor White.

Now, there’s a kind of running gag between me and the Garfmeister, because I’ve sworn to bring him bread just as I bring bread to the Technology Bytes guys (on KPFT at 8PM tonight!) on a rare fit of whimsy. And tonight would have been perfect… bake the bread, sleep, carry bread to Byzantio, break from Byzantio to Downtown, hand off the bread, and then vanish to parts unknown.

But I didn’t bake bread last night, focusing on Alton Brown Mac And Cheese instead. And the meetup is also kaput for tonight.

I may just hang around Downtown and walk over to City Hall to beg for Garf’s forgiveness in person. And I’d love to ask Wireless Bill what he learned from the launch-sumbles of Safeclear that helped shape his vision for the Muni WiFi project.

Anyway, check out the chat tonight, and let the Mayor know what you’d like to see in a municipal WiFi network (unless you don’t want one at all, of course).

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  1. Michael Garfield (unregistered) on May 17th, 2006 @ 3:37 pm

    I’m ferklempt! I certainly didn’t expect “handsome” or “talented” but I’ll talk all the gushing I can get from the Crap Man.

    No big rush on the bread, mi amigo, as I have been watching the carbs lately. I do have a craving for a nice piece of gefilte fish and matzah, though.

    Bring it on!

  2. smail (unregistered) on June 1st, 2006 @ 5:27 pm


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