As I sit here writing this (and other hair related stories)…

As I sit here writing this, most of our wonderful Houston MetBlog authors are sitting at Empire Cafe, enjoying coffee and other, more adult, beverages. Unfortunately, I was not feeling that well, this morning, and was not able to start getting things done until around 7:00pm today. I wasn’t able to attend, as I didn’t get done until late. Fortunately, however, I was inspired to write an entry.

“Hair related stories?” You’re probably asking yourself that question, about now. Yep.

Our journey begins, today, when I went to get my hair cut. I was originally intending to grow my hair out long, as I had it once. Unfortunately, the rising heat, and annoyance of the too long to anything with, too short to pull back syndrome got the better of me. I decided I had to get it cut…

So, I dropped by “Hair by Tony, IV”. Hair by Tony (IV) is your standard “inexpensive styling alternative” type salon/barber. Set up exactly like a supercuts, Hair by Tony bills itsself as “Full Service Hair Cuts For Men, Women & Kids.” Their men’s cut is $5.00, and with shampoo and blow-dry costs $8.50. They do a darned good job, too.

Guys, if you need to get your hair cut, I highly recommend schlepping out to Beechnut and Highway 6 and trying out this place. The stylists are all – I believe – Vietnamese (and I’ll feel really bad if I’m wrong), and all but one are female. Here’s why I recommend them:

  • They do the cut first, then the shampoo. (This keeps all the little particles of hair from falling into your shirt collar as you go about the rest of your day. Plus, you don’t immediately have to shower the instant you get home. Cuts down on itching.)
  • These folks know what they’re doing! I asked for a short cut in the back, but not so short you could see through to the scalp, with the hair a bit longer on top and in front. The guy immediately says “I’ll use a number 4 guard,” and proceeds to use the electric trimmer. Then, ditches the guard, grabs a comb, and finishes up. Then, he grabs scissors for the top. After the top, he grabs the clippers and a comb again, and fades the sides and back into the top, freehand. Very nice.
  • Asking for a “conservative” style resulted in just that. A nice, everyday style, that runs toward the conservative lines. Additionally, the guy styled my hair in such a manner that it made my face look longer… Since I’m excessively overweight, and therefore have a big face, this was a helpful thing. I’ve noticed they tend to know what they’re doing in matching styles to customers.
  • Did I mention the shampoo? Aside from it being after the cut, the shampoo experience in itsself is awesome. They do the standard rubbing of the shampoo in, but then take their fingers and really massage it in. Essentially, you get a good shampoo/condition, with a scalp massage. It feels wonderful!

Hey, can’t beat $8.50 for a cut, shampoo, scalp massage, style, and blow-dry.

Okay, I know you’re wondering if I got my cut free in exchange for this entry.. No, I didn’t. They don’t even know I’m writing it. I’m just very impressed with the place, and wanted to share. If you want to go by, they’re at the corner of Hwy 6 and Beechnut, directly beside Hollywood Video. (281-561-8353, walkins welcome). Ask for Kevin, he did me, today.

Okay, let’s go on. Our journey continues with a quick glance in the mirror, and a drive up Highway 6 to the Wallyworld (Wal*Mart) at the corner of Hwy 6 and Westpark. This, in and of itsself, was not a hair-related experience, but once inside I was sent all over the flipping store, in search of gym bags.

First I tried sporting goods. The obvious place, right? Nope. Then, I was told to try out in the middle of the store… Nope. Then I was directed to luggage. Luggage was two sections of shelving, at the end of the Crafts department. I managed to find a 24″ “travel duffel” for around $18.00. It’ll have to do. (I wanted one of those locker-shapped ones, but I found out later they’re only at Academy.) By this time, however, my fat self was sweating a bit from walking rapidly all over the blasted store, and my hair had become fairly limp. joy.

Coming out of Wallyworld, I was pulling out of the parking lot to turn left. There was noone coming, and I was intending to pull across to the opening in the median, and wait for the two cars coming in the opposite lanes to pass by, before I made my full turn. As I pulled out and pulled across, a truck full (and I do mean FULL) of folks (I know the instant I mention a specific race or nationality, people will start calling me racist. I’ll let you insert your preferred race/nationality, but they were all of the same… it has some minor bearing because of ths cursing they did toward me, but I’ll leave that to your imagination)…

Anyway, the extremely full truck pulls into the left-turn inlet, and then continues into the middle of the pass-throguh in the median, blocking it. I’m already going across, and I have to slam on my brakes and cut the wheel hard-right to miss the truck. I had my window down, and I heard the passengers begin cursing at me in their native language. Knowing a small bit of this language – just enough to curse back so effectively I’ll either send them into a murderous rage, or shock them into silence – I let fly with a single statement of my own. I was amused with the downright shocked looks I received.

I pulled around the truck, and nearly got broadsided by ANOTHER pick-up truck (I also drive a pick-up) that was intending to follow the original truck through the turn. You’ll be proud of me, Houston. Despite even more insults – in English, this time – including ones specifically directed towards my mother, and my sexual proclivities… Despite the fact that I have only been spoken to in that manner one time (and that time resulted in the dialing of 911, and an EMT to staunch the flow of blood from the idiot’s nose), I managed to control myself, and responded only with a “Have a nice day!” as I drove off.

Before you bring up right-of-way… The original truck, at the time I began pulling out of the parking lot and moving across the road, was far enough back to have stopped (as he should have) in the lef-turn inlet, letting me pass, before proceeding into the turn. Instead he – apparently – put on extra speed, to pull in front of me, evidently assuming that I would be able to avoid him in time. Thankfully, I was. It was a rather (yes, bad pun, relative to the entry title, coming…) hair raising experience.

After that little incident, I joined the flow of traffic down Hwy 6, and made it home without further indicent. I was surprised, actually, as traffic on Hwy 6 tends to be rather heinous at that particular time of day.

That concludes my little trip around my corner of Houston, folks.

Tell me, do you guys enjoy it when us authors post little bits like I’m doing? The places we go, and the things we do, in our own little parts of Houston? I know Chavez has posted a few, I’ve done a couple, I think one or two other authors have. I’m just wondering what you readers think. Personally, I think it’s a good way to get to know us authors, and it’s a good way to find out interesting things – and places – about Houston.

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  1. katya (unregistered) on May 12th, 2006 @ 10:21 am

    I like the ‘a day in the life’ posts — especially when they include tips on getting good/cheap haircuts :)

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