So much to do, so give up some time!

Wow, this is definitely a loaded week! With the feeling of summer quickly approaching around the bend, there are so many events to take notice of and plus they’re all for good causes.

Event One:

First up, I’d like to highlight a volunteer organization called StandUp For Kids. This organization’s purpose is to help keep kids off of Houston streets by educating them and providing them ways to look at life in a more optimistic and worthwhile way (an outreach organization). We have so many homeless people on the streets, but we sometimes do not know that there are also homeless kids who are not in school and who are also among the homeless population anyway. standupforkids.png This weekend, StandUp For Kids is hosting a 48 Hours on the Street event, beginning this Friday, April 21st through Sunday, April 23rd. This is your chance to make a difference in the lives of these kids.

To help out with this organization, they will be conducting a donation drive at the Hermann Park Pavilion on April 22nd. You can drop off donations from NOON to 6 pm.

Their wishlist includes:

-white t-shirts
-girls’ underwear
-non-perishable food items
-fast food coupons
-prepaid phone cards
-first aid kit
-water bottles
-bus tokens
-spare change

On the same day (April 22nd), you might also want to join them at 5pm and show your support for, which I will call, the “Balloon Solemnity.” They will have 13 homeless kids release a balloon every minute for 13 minutes to signify that a child runs away every minute of every day, and that 13 kids die on the streets each day.

For more information, you can email this organization at

Event Two:

This weekend, the Houston Zoo is hosting a Waste Management Earth Day Festival for the kids. koala-Zoo.jpg The kids will get to build bird feeders, be exposed to a variety of entertainment and educational activities at booths for games and arts and crafts, and chat with Zoo keepers and see and hear docent presentations. They will not only have fun but will learn about the ways to help keep Mother Earth clean and green. Also, be sure to bring newspapers and aluminum cans for recycling!

This is a two-day event:

– Friday, April 21st from 10am to 2pm
– Saturday, April 22nd from 10am to 3pm

Learning about Earth Day is a fascinating topic. Sometimes we take our home for granted, thinking that everything we use will last forever; but in reality, our natural resources will some day be depleted or will become so scarce that we will then wonder how we’re going to survive without these sources? Will we end up fighting over these sources in the year, let’s say 4000? We go through life every day not thinking about recycling, but at least we can begin with Earth Day to start making our wonderful home, Earth, a cleaner and better place to live. And maybe then, our recycling habits can become second nature to us.

In fact, I’ve created a great slogan for my Earth Day project back in junior high.

“If it’s imperative to RSVP to an invitation or some important occasion (like a meeting, etc.) or to important-looking documents (like government ones, etc.), then it’s also imperative to RSVP to Earth, our wonderful home, because Recycling Saves Valuable Pieces.”

If Earth is our home, then we should keep it clean. It’s like our homes now. You have to do household chores, albeit the groaning and moaning, to keep your house clean, right? Otherwise, cockroaches and other creepy, slimy, and icky rodents will invade our space! GROSS! And we certainly don’t want that for Earth either!

My science teacher thought it was “original and clever” and a nice motto to remember for Earth Day and suggested that I get this copyrighted. Well, once having turned in that essay project and I’m now submitting this motto/slogan again for this blog, it’s still my work no matter what. And besides, by sharing my thoughts, I’m hoping that everyone will see things in just more than one perspective. After all, I love to hear the different views from all kinds of people!

Have a good Earth Day weekend, and be sure to help out StandUp For Kids!

**Note: Photo courtesy of the respective sites featured.

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