TABC puts the kibosh on Operation Last Call

The plan that had most bar patrons up in arms the past month or so has been “temporarily suspended” by the TABC. Operation Last Call was a program that sent undercover agents into bars to arrest drunks. Apparently, the Operation resulted in 1,740 arrests but they need to “take a few steps back to re-evaluate the program.” The Houston Chronicle reports that they are launching an internal investigation of the program and evaluate criticism. Translation: Too many TABC officers got arrested for being drunk, so we have to shut down.

Ok, that last line isn’t true, but its funny.

In all seriousness, I stand on both sides of the issue here. I agree that something should be done about potentially dangerous actions involving alcohol, but the almost pre-crime nature of Operation Last Call just might not be the best idea.

Bar flies everywhere rejoice that you can still have the time-honored tradition of getting drunk in a bar, just be a proper human being and don’t drive afterward.

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