Battling Morning Traffic Woes & ‘MySpace’ Invaders

For the past few months, I’ve been listening to Atom and Maria’s Morning Show on 104 KRBE. I think it’s a very unusual transition for me, because I’ve never really listened to morning shows on any radio stations whatsoever. Being the nocturnal person that I am, I absolutely HATE morning shows and getting up early in the morning. All the chatter gets me annoyed–like flies buzzing in my eardrums, only to find that I can only swat the chatterboxes away by switching to another chatterless radio station with classical music, jazz or soft rock to appease my silent morning grumpiness.

My solution:
Thankfully, comedy runs in my blood, and so I appreciate the chatter and laughter Atom and Maria are always concocting in the morning; and I have finally LISTENED to a morning show!

*collective gasps*

No offense to coffee lovers though, but I don’t drink coffee. And so finding an alternative solution to a wake-up mode is necessary, since I’m driving–at times more than an hour’s worth being stuck in traffic. And I need to stay awake!

First, the Morning Show sure beats the morning traffic blues and woes. The monotonous humming of the motor and the snail-like crawl of 10 miles per hour of the cars around you from 6 to 9 am can really get to you. Drowsiness and sleepiness really kick in, especially if you’re running on some less than 8 hours of sleep on average every night; and you’re finding yourself nodding off every few minutes on the road… I once did a research-related project for one of my psychology courses and learned that

“a study [done] by researchers in Australia showed that being awake for 18 hours produced an impairment equal to a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .05, and .10 after 24 hours; [and] .08 is considered legally drunk (National Sleep Foundation).”

And get this, “[t]here is no test to determine sleepiness as there is the ‘Breathalyzer’ for intoxication.” So imagine all of the automobile-related accidents that might be related to sleep deprivation INSTEAD of intoxication! WHAMO! Sleep is an essential part of living healthily and safely. And it’s the workaholic Americans who are not getting enough of sleep!

Secondly, I actually like the people on the Morning Show: Maria’s laughter and Atom’s incoherent rants coupled by Reno and Johnny Bravo’s randomness. They’re a good team of oddballs. I’m glad that all of the riots they’re doing on the Show have successfully kept me awake, letting me laughing along with their lame or silly jokes or stories, just so I won’t end up in a car accident in the morning traffic gridlock.

(Oh yeah, I have to note that listening to music for a while can make me zone out. And so I need something to jerk me out of my sleep-mode. Hence, randomness and even the “loudness” of the Morning Show team does the trick fairly nicely.)

But really, I want to focus in on the features of the Morning Show. Hollywood Dirt is interesting and hilarious, because the media and publicity make fun of celebrities all the time, but I especially enjoyed the phone calls from various Houstonians on that certain topic of the day…or the interviews from celebrities or interesting people in general. I like how 104 KRBE tries to engage with not just Houstonians but everyone else nationally. Can we do international too? That’s something.

Some topics recently discussed were: the constant updates of to-be brides on I-do Island; this psychic who predicted that Reno would have an addition to the family–a baby–and it happened (for the life of me, I’ve forgotten her name); how 104 KRBE tried to help a woman confess to her husband on air that the baby she’s having doesn’t belong to him (and I really do not know how that turned out, but I hope everything turned out okay); and the countless phone calls to this author who wrote a book about kids from their point of view on parenting (which I found was extremely informative and helpful; she was there at the Baby Expo event this past weekend).


My favorite so far from the Morning Show was the topic on ‘MySpace’ and how it has affected relationships. Houstonians called 104 KRBE to voice on air about how their addiction to MySpace has led to distanced-ness in their relationships instead of closeness and intimacy. Are we so bored or even tired of our romantic relationships that we are voicing our own personal “space” and freedom and redefining our individuality through MySpace? Why are we so attracted to strangers online but easily get bored with our significant others who are actually there in our lives?

Being a people-person that I am, I absolutely love seeing, learning and knowing about the dynamics of relationships, friendships and acquaintanceships. How they work, how they last, how they fall apart, how they resolve and rebuild. Relationships are hard work and are worth more than any investments we have in the bank or in stock markets. If America is worried about the statistics of high divorce rates skyrocketing ever since the invention of chatrooms on cyberspace (not like it ever declined before the invention of chatrooms), then MySpace adds another realm to evolutionizing impersonal relationships that would lead to potentially failing and unstable relationships. That is not to say that I’m pointing an accusing finger at MySpace, which is currently one of the most popular networking sites, and blaming that MySpace is the cause of disastrous relationships. All I’m saying is that although we have proven our ingenuity in inventions and improved methods of better communication with others, is it all turning around and biting our behinds?

(Now, there is a relationship between networking sites, like MySpace, and intimate relationships. However, it does not necessarily mean that it is beCAUSE of MySpace that relationships fail. There are a number of factors involved that we have to consider.)

That is, although we have lots of ways to communicate with one another, do we actually take the time to listen to one another? Maria and Atom told those callers to go out and do something exciting with their significant others and communicate–talk to them, telling them how they feel about the “goods” and the “bads” in the relationships and try to work things out. And I definitely agree. It’s important to get to know your significant other in every way and accept the person fully.

And if we need a little “space” from the significant other for a while, say so! Keeping one’s individuality is important, but this doesn’t mean cheating on him or her while you’re on your temporary break. Again, communication is the key!

And this isn’t just Houston, it’s also America! We all want to be loved, but it takes effort and time to give and receive; and both have to be willing to do equal work in the relationship or friendship! Compromise and communication!

Besides Myspace though, I’m sure there are plenty of Houstonians (and other Americans and even the world) are simultaneously on other networking sites as well, and this is just a sample:


And there are more out there. You can also type “networking sites” on Wikipedia’s search engine, and it’ll pull up a whole bunch of these sites.

Anyway, I do hope, my dear readers, that you have found this novel of an entry of mine to be thought-provoking. It gives us a chance to look back and sort through our priorities and see the things in our lives that are important: our relationships with others and safety and health in daily hassles, even if it means sitting through an hour’s worth (or more) of morning traffic jams, or worrying about the kinds of information our children are exposed to from the Internet. We have to think about setting aside some time for leisure and rest for ourselves and others. Finally, I like to end this entry with a hats off to the Morning Show on 104 KRBE, for not only keeping me awake, but for letting me know more about Houston (not that I didn’t know anything about Houston before, but you’d be surprised with the new things you learn everyday; and besides, Houston is constantly fascinating.)


**Note: Photo courtesy of the respective sites featured.

5 Comments so far

  1. LessCowbell (unregistered) on April 10th, 2006 @ 8:52 am

    I wake up to 94.5 the Buzz but once in the car I listen to Podcasts now, such as The Hollywood Saloon (

    And by the way you can find me on MySpace too :P

  2. HouDog (unregistered) on April 10th, 2006 @ 4:25 pm

    Terrestrial radio is so old school… its all about the podcasts for me. Any subject, any length you want… no FCC, no commercials, just good stuff!!

  3. jtseverson (unregistered) on April 10th, 2006 @ 5:26 pm

    As far as what you are saying about good radio in the morning, I think it is hard to beat the Mexicanz in the Morning on Mega 101.1

    May not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they have a good mix of chemistry there, and I hope they keep up the good work!

  4. a~lotus (unregistered) on April 10th, 2006 @ 10:20 pm

    yeah Podcasts are always good, but sometimes, I just want to check out what’s on the radio, you know?

    as for the networking sites, i’m on a few. thank goodness i’m not addicted to them. i just use them to connect with people, and that’s that.

    and as for radio stations in general, you can listen to whatever you want… whatever floats your boat. i’m not saying that 104 KRBE is my favorite. it just so happens that i’ve listened to that station for several months.

    my emphasis was on sleep, health, safety and relationships in this entry.

  5. LessCowbell (unregistered) on April 11th, 2006 @ 8:20 am

    “Terrestrial” is great if you like listening to commercials. Bleh. And yeah, for the most part I only use MySpace to communicate with people I know in the real world.

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