Dangerous Intersections

So, who else besides me was stuck in that 5-hour traffic gridlock Thursday afternooon?

If you didn’t see or hear the news yesterday, there was a horrible, fiery three-car accident on the West Loop near Post Oak. Apparently, a driver heading north on the West Loop cut across 3 lanes of traffic in an attempt to head towards I-10. Instead, he collided with the orange impact barrels at the exit ramp and started a chain reaction that caused an 18-wheeler to jump the concrete divider, killing a driver on the southbound side. It took 5 hours to get traffic flowing again. I have a view of 610W from my office, and the freeway was a virtual parking lot.

As I inched my way home, I started thinking about that spot on 610W, and how confusing it’s become with all the constrution. Sure, that driver used pretty poor judgement by cutting across so many lanes of traffic…..but we all know he isn’t the first to do something like that. All the construction and freeway closures at the 610/I-10 loop are so confusing. I’ve been avoiding that area for months for that reason.

But there are other highway “intersections” that seem to attract real (or near) accidents…..the 59 exit off of 610 near Bellaire, for example. It always seems to be backed up, and I’ve seen quite a number of accidents there. Check out all the skidmarks next time you’re driving along that stretch of highway.

According to a KHOU report, the 10 most dangerous intersections in Houston (from December to March 2005) were:
1. Tomball Parkway and FM 1960
2. 59 and Beechnut
3. 59 and Hillcroft
4. 59 and Chimney Rock
5. I-10 and Gessner
6. 59 and Beltway 8
7. Westheimer and Highway 6
8. Bissonnet and Beltway 8

What intersections do you think are dangerous?

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  1. shawn (unregistered) on April 7th, 2006 @ 7:37 pm

    It seems that KHOU didn’t think it necessary to include the sidewalk in front that crosses the front door to my apartment. Granted, this particular intersection only affects a small portion of the Houston population, but there are times when it can be dangerous. I’ll explain.

    Getting off work at 6:00 and having a full hour’s worth of traffic to contemplate my hunger makes me quite volatile when I reach my driveway. So anyone who tries to detain me, distract me, or cross my path is literally putting their welfare at risk because my front door is no more than 4 steps from my refrigerator.

    Ok, I shant rant any longer. (-:

  2. a~lotus (unregistered) on April 9th, 2006 @ 3:35 pm

    another dangerous intersection is when a driver getting off 45 onto the intersection with broadway/park place blvd with all of the traffic lights.. i happened to see car accidents every other week…oh, and trucks have their own accidents too…

    like there was this time when this truck split into two when trying to make a u-turn under the i-45 freeway on the broadway/park place intersection…

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