This just in: HPD huge fan of ‘Big Brother’ reality television show


With Houston police force numbers dwindling and the population booming (thanks to hurricane evacuees and well, the fact that we do live in Houston after all) officials are finding themselves hard-pressed to come up with appropriate law enforcement measures.

HPD Chief Harold Hurtt has come up with a possible solution: video surveillance cameras

His logic: cheaper than hiring extra patrol officers (after applying a possible ‘public safety’ tax to hire more officers, just for good measure).

So it this an invasion of privacy or just an extra set of eyes watching out for you?

The Downtown Management District is all for it – already offering to fund the installation of 5 cameras on Main St. in hopes of reducing crime.

Matt Asher of The Hurtt Prize is all against it — starting an online fund to award anyone who catches Police Chief Hurtt doing *anything* illegal (the very weird and obscure laws included) over $1000.

I have mixed feelings on this personally, but Hartt’s following quote just pissed me off for a number of different reasons:

“If you are not doing anything wrong, why should you worry about it?”

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