Computerized lunchtime watchdogs


A Houston-based software company is offering Houston schools a computerized lunch system that helps parents keep tabs on what their kids are eating and lets cafeteria workers know what they should *not* be eating.

Does little Jimmy eat too many Twinkies? Does Susie have a voracious appetite for Chili Cheese Fritos?

The Primero Food Service Solutions software lets parents program in ‘restricted foods’, so that when kids punch in their lunch passcodes to check out in line their profiles show if they’re trying to sneak in any forbidden fruit (err… junk food).

This is a good idea to make sure kids aren’t gourging on things they are allergic to, but not really a better alternative to proper nutritional education from parents and schools.

Not to be all tree-hugger sounding, but I still really think that getting organic foods in schools (or at least losing the Coca Cola and candy machines) is the way to go. At some point, kids have to be taught that good-tasting lunches (and snacks) don’t always have to be out of a Doritos bag….

With this lunch software, I’m envisioning a whole new level of lunchtime bartering. 2 days-worth of algebra homework for buying a brownie and a Mr. Pibb? The possibilities are endless.

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