January In Excelsis Dude

The weather was a bit warmer than usual in January… causing many trees to start blooming, which is wonderful for my allergies.


No one posted any ideas on things to do for Chinese New Year in Houston (thanks you bastards). Luckily, a friend recommended I check out Tan Tan Restaurant on Bellaire. Turns out it was an exceptional recommendation as they had great food and a massive amount of fireworks despite the state-wide burn ban.

Not many round-eye people eat here... which is good sign
When (not if) you go… I urge you to try the hot pot. ANY of them.

Dance little dragons
The dragons came inside the restaurant for a little while… and the place went WILD. The kids especially enjoyed the little red envelopes the dragons gave away.

Pooped dragons
Later in the day, I happened to see this truck of tired dragon dancers.

And then…

Checked out the Basquiat exhibit at MFAH and nearly dropped $140 for a pair of shoes inspired by his art. Inspiration = Marketing Opportunity?

It's da shoes!
I think Sir Basquiat would have a shit-fit if he saw what people were doing with his artwork.


HouMetBlog needs more bloggers damn it! To encourage at least one of the 4 million plus residents of our fair city, I’m willing to give away two tickets to the Mozart concert on Feb 14th at the Menil Museum to the first person that signs up and posts.

Second place winners will receive a coupon book from the Houston Downtown Alliance with coupons to places such as St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin, Zula, Havana, Kim Son, Massa’s, and more!

To qualify: sign up and post immediately. Get to it guys… the clock is ticking.

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  1. Brittanie (unregistered) on February 7th, 2006 @ 12:15 am

    I have heard the request for more MetBloggers and have often thought of writing you guys — but there’s one problem. While I’m Houston resident who LOVES living there and taking full advantage of all the town has to offer, I’m currently living in S. Korea (my husband works for Chevron and they’re building a ship over here).

    I am still very willing to blog about goings-on in Houston, as I spend most every morning catching up on H-Town news. It’s up to you guys if you want a voice from afar. Lemme know. (I don’t even want the tickets).

  2. Governor (unregistered) on February 7th, 2006 @ 9:31 am

    I don’t see why not. Your observations (and recollections) would be interesting to read. What does Captain Katie have to say?

  3. annabel (unregistered) on February 7th, 2006 @ 11:27 am

    I have been reading this blog for a while and I really appreciate finding out about places and events in the area. I would love the opportunity to let everyine know about the places and events that I like. I even carry around my camera for another digital documentation of my whereabouts. – Chavez, the photos of the Asian New Year were great!
    Thank you

  4. Jen (unregistered) on February 7th, 2006 @ 5:48 pm

    hmmm…how do I sign up to blog?

    (ps: I loves me some hot pot)

  5. Governor (unregistered) on February 7th, 2006 @ 7:53 pm

    Annabel & Jen: In the name of all things good and holy, please sign up and post your thoughts, actions, and photos on the Houston region!

    I love you.

    Look how many 3’s I can type!


  6. katya (unregistered) on February 8th, 2006 @ 10:50 am

    Hi guys – so glad to have some more volunteers.

    Please email me and I’ll send your info to our Metblogging powers-that-be.

    ** We’ve recently re-structured our metblogging author application process — we will only accept applications during certain times of the year. **

    This will enable us to add more than one new blogger at a time, which other cities have found to be awesome for new posts, etc. However, as we really do have some very in-active bloggers, we’re needing to do some spring cleaning.

    So do not despair – we do want you!! Please just email me and I’ll have you on my list for interested authors. THANKS!! Sorry for the confusion.

  7. Hesam (unregistered) on February 9th, 2006 @ 10:56 am

    I went to Tan Tan’s for the first time a few weeks ago – good food, low prices, open late…it’s like a Mai’s on Bellaire!

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