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Happy Fat (Pancake) Tuesday!


So with Lent almost here, today is one wild and crazy day in many parts of the world.

Mardi Gras / Fat Tuesday is not a day to be taken lightly if you are of the boob baring / bead wearing persuasion — at least that NOLA tradition often the first image that comes to mind when thinking about today’s various drunken debaucheries.

Christina from the San Francisco Metblog has a killer post on different pre-Lenten celebrations around the world. I’m particularly taken by the Pancake Day tradition – even IHOP is in on it this year, offering a free short stack to each guest from 7am – 2pm today (oops… which ends in 40 minutes, sorry dudes).

I know all about the 12 day / 11 night Galveston festivities (althought the Mardi Gras Museum is news to me). But what do YOU do for Fat Tuesday? How sinful do YOU get anyway?

Sadly, it looks like the most excitement I’ll be getting into is going to school to take an exam — but man, pancakes sound good tonight. Maybe my boyfriend will flash me for some maple syrup or something. WOO HOO.

Any other suggestions?

Pancake photo via Flickr here

Debutaunt needs extra love today

Houston blogger Deb of is having a bone marrow transplant today. According to her blog, it is also her BIRTHDAY today! [Steph informs me this is because they refer to the day you receive stem cells as your second birthday! That is pretty cool.] In October, Deb was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia which is diagnosed in less than 4000 Americans each year. Deb’s sister, Steph, emailed us and asked us that we ask the Metroblogging community to send some love and prayers. Steph says:

She is getting a bone marrow transplant on Monday, and has been blogging about her experience since her diagnosis in October. She has her laptop in her room, and it has been a true salvation to her to stay connected to people.

Deb has been blogging her experiences with cancer at since October. You can read the basic story here. Please stop by and send her some love and well wishes! She really needs them today. Also, if you would like to help support her in her time of need, you can make a donation to the Deb Fund.

Urban Market Houston tomorrow — get those bartering skills honed and ready


The Urban Market Houston is back tomorrow, February 26th from 10am-4pm, and ready to rock your bargain hunting socks off!

The flea market holds vast and innumerable treasures for any budget or taste, from kitschy to French Country. Mingle with interior designers and talk to interesting sellers and fellow buyers – you’re really in great company at this event.

But the coolest thing about this particular market is that it goes beyond your typical dusty knick knack collections and lets you skip right to the good stuff.

Come early, get some Katz’s Coffee and be ready to bring some awesome stuff home (they can even help you with deliveries!).

Houston Newbies Guide: Welcome to Houston

Hou skyline 4

Welcome to Houston.

Welcome to the “Houston for Newbies” series.

My name is Eric Scalf, and I have been a resident of Houston for around fourteen years, now. After being invited to write on the Houston Metro Blog, I spent a bit of time getting my feet wet, and deciding on a series. For those that read my personal blog, you’ll know I’m a big one for series. As a former City of Houston taxi driver, I have a unique knowledge and perspective of this city that many do not normally obtain – even after as many years of living in our small-town big city.

“Small-town big city?” Yep. Houston is probably one of the few (and perhaps, the only) big cities in the United States that has a small-town feel to it. Regardless of where you live in this city, you probably know a good many people that live and work around you. Although you may not know them in depth, you can probably pick a face out of a crowd, and you may even know the name of your local grocery store clerk. It’s the fact that Houstonians are – in general – a personable bunch that gives this city of some 2.5 million a small-town feel.

During this series, I hope to present you with a lot of information about Houston, including information on the various neighborhoods and parts of town, various attractions, places to eat, and the Houston nightlife. In this first entry of the series, I’ll be introducing you to a some general factoids about Houston. Next time, we’ll dive into the history of the area. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s get started…

EVENTS – Fotofest Houston

Fotofest Houston 2006 March 10th

(Time: 0:46)

206-202-3644 Call in your news!

via This Week in Houston

Hey you guys!!!!!!!!!

A group of Houston Bloggers are meeting at the Gingerman (Rice Village) on Friday the 24th at 7pm. You guys up for meeting in the analogue world for some drunk blogging?

All Houston MetroBloggers who show up get their first beer on my tab! Damn straight.

This just in: HPD huge fan of ‘Big Brother’ reality television show


With Houston police force numbers dwindling and the population booming (thanks to hurricane evacuees and well, the fact that we do live in Houston after all) officials are finding themselves hard-pressed to come up with appropriate law enforcement measures.

HPD Chief Harold Hurtt has come up with a possible solution: video surveillance cameras

His logic: cheaper than hiring extra patrol officers (after applying a possible ‘public safety’ tax to hire more officers, just for good measure).

So it this an invasion of privacy or just an extra set of eyes watching out for you?

So what do you think?

Hey Houston – any thoughts on our new Houston Metblog look?

The brains and brawn behind the Metblogging family (like LA blogger and Metblog founder Sean, among many others) have really put a lot of work into the new design.

Be sure to check out the ‘Categories’ dropdown box on the left, to help you navigate Metblog posts by topic, and also be on the lookout for new Houston events and photos features that are soon to come. Here’s a full post on the redesign and all of its coolness.

We’re working on accepting new Metblog authors right now – but in the meantime, we remain as pleased as punch to have you hanging out on our site. Cheers!

Computerized lunchtime watchdogs


A Houston-based software company is offering Houston schools a computerized lunch system that helps parents keep tabs on what their kids are eating and lets cafeteria workers know what they should *not* be eating.

Does little Jimmy eat too many Twinkies? Does Susie have a voracious appetite for Chili Cheese Fritos?

The Primero Food Service Solutions software lets parents program in ‘restricted foods’, so that when kids punch in their lunch passcodes to check out in line their profiles show if they’re trying to sneak in any forbidden fruit (err… junk food).

This is a good idea to make sure kids aren’t gourging on things they are allergic to, but not really a better alternative to proper nutritional education from parents and schools.

Not to be all tree-hugger sounding, but I still really think that getting organic foods in schools (or at least losing the Coca Cola and candy machines) is the way to go. At some point, kids have to be taught that good-tasting lunches (and snacks) don’t always have to be out of a Doritos bag….

With this lunch software, I’m envisioning a whole new level of lunchtime bartering. 2 days-worth of algebra homework for buying a brownie and a Mr. Pibb? The possibilities are endless.

Notes on my trip to Orlando, FL

Just got back from a 3-day business trip to Orlando.

I stayed at the Embassy Suites – Jamaican Courts on International Drive. It’s a decent place in the tourist part of the city. I didn’t rent a car, so I basically explored everything I could within (reasonable) walking distance.

Gastronomically speaking, the area of Orlando I stayed in was highly average. However, I found the following little treasures:

Highly recommend Taj Punjabi for Indian food. I had their tandoori chicken which was better than several of the places I’ve tried around Houston! Most places I’ve been to serve it dry, but Taj Punjabi served theirs with a mild sauce and bell peppers. Extremely good. Any places in Houston you guys would recommned I give a try?

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