Geek Love at the Brewery and Being Social and Pregnant in Houston at the Same Time

After reading Katia’s entry about naming the Saint Arnold’s fermentor, I had to share this picture with you! This sign was found in the kitchen at the brewery.

Geek love

I’m about 7 months pregnant right now and one of the things I miss most is BEER. Beer is so good, and that non-alcoholic stuff they try to pacify me with is just not doing it for me. Anyway, it hasn’t been too bad on the social scene since becoming preggo. I thought I would have to give up all adult fun things to avoid smoke, etc. Usually I love smoking (socially of course), but I can’t be around it because of baby in my belly. I know that some are inconvenienced by the semi-new no-smoking ordinance but for me it has been good because it has allowed me to go out to places that would have been off limits before. Like, watching the game at KC’s bar and grill on 18th Street. Or watching the El Orbits play at Sambuca. Or even watching the Flying Fish Sailors play at Hickory Hollow.

So, basically, eating good food is one of the only pleasures I have right now. Thank goodness for ice cream and cookies. There are some things they don’t tell you until you’re knocked up and it’s too late. Like, I can’t eat sushi or soft cheeses. So, no baked brie plate from Cafe Brazil on Westheimer; no tuna tekka don from Zake; no panini with fresh mozzarella from Paulies; no blue cheese burger from Pappas Burgers. I think the first week after I have this baby is going to be a gorge fest.

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  1. LessCowbell (unregistered) on January 31st, 2006 @ 11:13 am

    How about the Death by Chocolate shake at Katz’s!

    Why can’t you eat that stuff? Bad for the baby?

  2. Katie (unregistered) on January 31st, 2006 @ 12:32 pm

    I can definitely have death by chocolate!!! Yummy! Most soft cheeses like brie, mozzarella and feta may contain a bacteria called lysteria which can be fatal to fetuses and pregnant women, from my understanding. Just google “soft cheese and pregnancy.” It really sucks. And sushi (the raw kind) is uncooked and can have things that normal people can handle but unborn babies and preggo girls can’t. Well, that is what they say around here anyway. I’m sure preggo chicks in Japan are scarfing that stuff down just like preggo chicks in Germany are drinking a beer a day.

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