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Taxi! Taxi! Is there a taxi around here?

Unlike other large cities where I have lived (San Fran, Philly, DC), Houston lacks a serious method of transportation for those who are without. I

SPORTS – Katy Tigers in State Championship

Mike Wright of Lone Star Gridiron on the Katy Tiger’s game today against Southlake Carrol.

(Time: 0:34)

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Houston City Data

While surfing, today, I came across an interesting website, City-Data provides, well, data on thousands of cities across the United States. Needless to say, they have a plethora of information about Houston. Just to give you a taste, here’s some of the basics:
The median age of Houston residents is 30.9. The median household income is $36,616. The median home value is $79,300. (All statistics as of year 2000.)

Interesting, yeah? I’ve got a lot more, underneath.

Major League Soccer Comes to Houston

The following post contains opinions, intermixed with factual statements. They should be easy to discern. The following post contains strong language

It appears Houston has a new Major League Soccer (football) franchise!! That’s right, we inherited the San Jose Earthquakes. Of course, the name will be changing – although the new name has yet to be decided upon.

Currently, the team will play at the University of Houston’s Robertson Stadium, for the 2006 season, although – for some assinine reason – our mayor and sports authority are talking about building a new stadium for the team.

While I think it’s a GREAT idea to bring a major league soccer franchise to Houston, I don’t think we need a new stadium for it. Let’s analyze our current stadium situation, shall we?

  1. Reliant Stadium: Empty during most of soccer season, designed for our current American Football team, the Texans, and as the two use similar fields, could easily be converted to a soccer stadium during that season. NEW stadium. Supports real grass/turf.
  2. Minute Maid Park: Baseball stadium, conversion to soccer is possible, although difficult. Fairly NEW stadium. Can support real grass/turf.
  3. Toyota Center: Baseball (Sorry, dyslexia.) Basketball stadium, conversion to soccer is possible, but would neccesitate restructuring of some seats. NEW stadium.
  4. UofH Robertson Stadium: Older stadium, and – most likely – smaller than the team will need, once it gets going. Supports real grass/turf
  5. Reliant Arena: The former Astro Arena. Using this for anything other than indoor soccer would require major restructuring, and it may have been re-designed during the Reliant Stadium build-out, I can’t remember. Old.
  6. 6) Reliant Astrodome: Empty all year, designed to be easily restructured between baseball, football, and rodeo, this stadium presents the optimum setting for a new franchise. It’s a domed stadium, air conditioned, and can support real turf with some modifications to the roof (or a lot of TLC of the turf). Currently would require playing on astroturf (fake turf), so I’m not sure how well that would go over, but I don’t think it would be all that hard to switch it around, and it would certainly be cheaper than building a whole new stadium. Besides, we’re running out of places to put new stadiums. I mean, three have opened in the past five or so years. The Astrodome may be old, but it’s still fully functional, and updating it would be cheaper than building a new one.
  7. I love this quote:

    MLS [Major League Soccer] has said it expects to have a plan for a soccer-specific stadium in Houston carved out in the near future. Although nothing is concrete, [MLS Commisioner] Garber has said he would seek a public-private partnership in the building of a venue.

    Great. Just what we need. Another stadium to hike up the hotel, rental car, and tourism taxes, again. We’re already hurting for tourism, enough, you stupid fucks. Get it through your thick heads. The last thing Houston needs is something to drive up the cost of tourism, or general public taxes. Try putting something towards education, or crime, or some other place where we’re hurting (sitting damned near rock bottom on education, folks – along with the rest of the state), instead of a new freaking stadium. It’s time to use what we have.

    All in all, I’m excited about a new soccer team coming to Houston. In fact, I’m wishing I was in the same income bracket as some of our Houston authors, and could afford season tickets. I love soccer, watch it on TV every chance I get, and most of the Spanish I’ve learned, recently, has been from the ‘futbol’ matches on Telemundo, et al.

    If you want season tickets, you’ll have to pay $50 just for the priviledge of getting on the waiting list. You can get there by going to the MLS In Houston, 2006 website. The $50 is per ticket/seat, and is absolutely non-refundable. You’ll pay and then, “Once your deposit is processed, a Team representative will contact you in the near future with further pricing and seating information.”

    If anyone wants to get me a ticket or two, I’d be greatfully appreciated, heh. Failing that, invite me along, some, huh? heh.

    Congradulations, Houston! You got a great team, in an awesome sport!

BTW: Does Houston have a soccer team? I was scanning the Chronicle today andthought I read something about a f

Warm and fuzzy graffiti in Montrose – Knittaplease!


Cool article in the Houston Press (found on the awesome Wooster Collective site) about two Montrose mommies (AKrylik and PolyCotN) that have started tagging the streets of Houston with….. baby-soft cotton yarn graffiti.

Check out their site and send us pics of any knit / purled goodness that you come across. Nice work ladies!!

‘Tis the season for holiday parties… and I’ve been hitting as many of them as possible. I’m supposed to make holiday cookies for tonight’s staff party, but last night I got kind of tipsy and decided to bake cookies.

Now I have a tupperwear box full of dark-brown to black brittle discs.

HELP! Where should I go to pick up some kind of holiday treat for my office Christmas party tonight?!?!

NEWS – Flooding and traffic chaos in H-Town

LIVE report from an area affected by high water.

(Time: 3:17)

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Chloe Dao on Project Runway

I watched a few episodes of Project Runway this week. I missed the first episodes of the season and wanted to catch up before tonight. My favorite is turning out to be Chloe whose clothes have been so awesome, intuitive and beautiful so far. And guess what!!! She is from Houston and has a shop called Lot 8 on Kirby! I know all you fashionistas will be crowding into the shop and around the tube to see how she does. Go Chloe!!!

Super Happy Fun Cinema – End of Suburbia


Superhappyfunland’s (2610 Ashland Street) 200-seat screening room is now open. Their movie showings have been as eclectic and out-of-the-ordinary as the rest of their musical and art events. Cool stuff.

7pm tomorrow night (Thursday Dec. 15th), check out THE END OF SUBURBIA: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of The American Dream. This film “explores the American Way of Life and its prospects as the planet approaches a critical era, as global demand for fossil fuels begins to outstrip supply.”

What!!!!? You mean there’s not an endless supply of oil and other natural resources? Check out The Post Carbon Institute for more information on what a future without the use of hydrocarbons as energy and chemical feedstocks might look like.

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