The wind cometh… …and goeth

It’s not been too bad out here in NorthEast Ft. Bend County. The wind is up to 15mph, though it isn’t sustained. It’s occasionally dying down to almost nothing, but it doesn’t stay there long. Sevel neighbors are out, chatting with each other and watching the skies. This is reminiscent of the last block party without the music and/or food. I’m tempted to wheel a grill outside and fire it up. …maybe not.

In a small sense, life goes on. I was asked – well, while it was phrased as a request, it was much more a command – to mop our kitchen floor, a few minutes ago. I’d much rather keep up with the news and blogging, but unfortunately familial requirements come first. It’s almost amusing to me that my mother is so concerned with the cleanliness of the kitchen floor in the midst of a pending hurricane, but I suppose we all have our ways of handling stress. Evidentally her’s is to make me clean. Not that it’s that big of a deal, mind you, but when you make a concious decision to join into a continually running event of citizen journalism, you tend to want to stick with the task. heh.

Currently, there are three live feeds of the stream. The main mirror is located at, the secondary is, and the third is

Additionally, the Unigrep site has a live camera feed looking out of the window of the owner’s home at

Come and join us on IRC at, channel #ritacast. I’m Fyre.

I’ll post more as I get more to say. Right now, it looks like mopping the kitchen floor and eating lasagna for the next hour or so.

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