Doot, doot, doot, looking out my back door…

While I don’t have a statue wearing high heels on my back lawn, I have been sitting on my office, staring out the window onto my patio, waiting to see the first tree fly by.

Allright, so I really don’t expect it to be that bad. Unless something insane happens, Rita will impact the coastline sometime early tomorrow morning between Port Arthur and the Louisiana state line. Unfortunately, that means that I will begin receiving tropical-storm force winds within a couple of hours, here. My mother is rapidly cleaning the kitchen a final time, and filling new (and clean) trash cans with water, my father is beating the hell out of something in the back yard (probably beating rugs for some strange reason), and I’m updating all of the journals I am trying to keep going throughout this.

I’ve got everything ready, here… I’ve got my scanner listening to the Fort Bend County police agencies (Katy PD, FBC Sherris Office, Richmond/Rosenberg, etc). Right now, I’m hearing Katy PD discuss issues with people lining up at a gas station trying to get gas. They’re experiencing some less-than-well-controlled chaos at the pumps, evidentally. Interesting. At least the police are still out there doing their jobs. Many thanks to all of those dedicated people. For those of you with scanners, HFD has their George R. Brown operations on TAC 5, 460.575 mhz.

I’ll be sitting here most of the day, until I lose power, with the scanner going (I forgot an adapter for it, though, so I may have to limit my use to weather checks every now and then (the NWS broadcasts continually on 162.4 mhz)), surfing the ‘net. Until, that is, my family gets fed up with my remaining in this room and comes and pulls the plug on my PC. heh. Once I lose power, I’ll be updating via phone post via the This Week in Houston podcast, and possibally to my LiveJournal, as well. (, though I’d check this site, first. The voice posts will both say, pretty much, the same thing.

Good luck to those of us remaining in Houston. Let’s hope she doesn’t turn back this way.

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