I’ll be taking HouDog’s lead…

…and posting anytime anything of note happens. I would post once per hour, but really, I have too much to do, and am being hounded by family to stay off the damned computer. Evidentally, having a hurricane on the way is a cause NOT to blog. Funny… I’m thinking the exact opposite.

All day, today, I’ve fielded e-mails, LiveJournal comments, and phone calls from friends and family. Everyone is – of course – advising us to leave town. Currently, that is not an option. Maybe AFTER the storm passes, we will take an air-conditioned vacation to Oklahoma, Dallas, San Antonio, even Alabama. Right now, though, no.

I went out, about an hour ago, to try to find some soda so we can have some mixed drinks, tonight. After the stress, anxiety, and hard work of the day, settling down with an ice-cold whiskey and coke sounds really good. I by-passed our local Kroger, as the parking lot was jammed. I headed to a local convenience mart and managed to find everything we needed. I then headed up Highway 6, about two miles, to the local Randall’s store, hoping to find some dry ice. I walked in and found a manager, dressed in an old shirt and jeans. We joked for a couple of minutes, before I asked if they still had dry ice. Nope. They weren’t serviced, today. Go fig. Evidentally the Big Trucks carrying Important Things think Houston is too dangerous, this close to the storm. Silly people. It’s just a hurricane. Not like we’re going to get blown away, or anything…

oh. wait.

Anywho, upon returning home, I grabbed the last mail that I forgot to pick up yesterday, and found a card in our box from the postal service stating that mail delivery was being suspended until at least Monday morning. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night will keep the mail from getting through; but evidentally a huge freaking, windy storm will. I found out that neighbors on one side of me have evacuated. We got a piece of their mail, accidentally, and when I went to give it to them, I found a sign on their door. “EVACUATED.” Really, now. Isn’t that pretty much like a huge “COME STEAL FROM US, LOOTERS” sign? I tore it off the door (it was on the outside, even. oy). Add to this the fact that their patio furniture is still out, along with their trash cans, garden hose, and a little front porch knick-knack. I’m tempted to go drag it over to our garage. I really don’t need all of that stuff slamming into the side of our home.

Folks… secure your belongings.
Heavy concrete planters? Sure, leave those alone… but patio chairs, tables, garden hoses, trash cans, etc..? Lock ’em up in the garage.

On that note, folks, I’m going to do exactly that. Another update, later this evening.

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  1. Carina O'Reilly (unregistered) on September 22nd, 2005 @ 8:04 pm

    Reluctantly, I have to admit to being astonished and proud at your ability, as a country, to survive despite such an insulting government. But guys? Either you trust each other or you don’t. You put faith in strangers, and your neighbours, or you don’t. You buy yourself a gun? You’re no’count.

    And I ain’t no smug liberal. If’n you need somewhere to live I’ve put my name down. Come home.

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