That Damn Stop Sign


Ever since the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center opened its doors a couple of years back, there has been a steady increase in pedestrian traffic across University Blvd at the University of Houston. Given the nature of most university students when it comes to driving, crossing the street can be a difficult and dangerous task.

With that in mind, University officials made the mistake of installing stop signs on both sides of the crosswalk. The result has been increased traffic and delays for drivers, which, can get very frustrating. My question is – why didn’t they put traffic lights instead? Half the people don’t even do a complete stop, and so the stop sign isn’t that effective. Had they put traffic lights, they would have been able to keep the flow of traffic going, as well as cater to pedestrians that are trying to cross the street.

Give it a few years, and they’ll get rid of the stop sign and put up some traffic lights. It’s only a matter of time.

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