Hurrican Katrina resource links for the 100,000+ new Houstonians

This Katrina Hurricane Houston Resource page is a great place for Hurricane Katrina evacuees to find everything they need while staying in Houston.

Check back regularly for more helpful medical, shelter, discounts, donation and volunteer links as it is updated frequently. There are so many people lending a helpful hand – let me know what we’re missing!

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  1. Jason (unregistered) on September 2nd, 2005 @ 3:05 pm

    Thanks for putting this information up. I donated what I could for now for both people and animals and I feel better than I did this morning. I still have a bag of clothes I can’t wear and want to give to the victims of the hurricane and not end up on a thrift store shelf somewhere.

  2. Amanda (unregistered) on September 3rd, 2005 @ 10:23 pm

    Please help me!!!!!!!!
    My aunt is stranded in Houston. She is having problems getting a ride to the airport. Can anyone please help her make her 12:50 flight.
    She is flying out on Monday.

    Please help. She is not feeling well and we are concerned.

    God Bless

  3. Anne (unregistered) on September 3rd, 2005 @ 11:24 pm

    I saw two young ladies on the news saying they are collecting new back packs for the hurricane children that are now in Texas.
    Do you know where we are to send them to?

  4. katya (unregistered) on September 4th, 2005 @ 3:32 am

    Anne – I did a quick search online and found this HISD information (,2…94_126391250,00.html).

    You can contact Anne Silver at the HISD warehouse to discuss drop-off times: 713-676-9293

    They will be closed on Monday. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. lovella chavis (unregistered) on September 6th, 2005 @ 10:18 am

    hi im looking for my nephew patrick greene we know he is in a shelter he is listed with the redcross but don’t know where. if anybody can help us please contact his name is patrick greene from new orleans, sn of alvina greene

  6. Vanita Harris (unregistered) on September 7th, 2005 @ 9:24 am

    Hello We are a hospital in NYC and we want too know where can we send clothes I have asks all the employee too bring Men Women Boy Girl and Baby Clothes. Someone Please tell me where too send it

    Thank You and God Bless

  7. Anitra (unregistered) on September 17th, 2005 @ 3:51 pm

    We are an elementary school in NYC and would like to ADOPT A SCHOOL to help the students affected by Hurricane Katrina. We would like to send them backpacks filled with what they need as well as forge a relationship with each student, like a pen-pal, that would be year long at least. We would like a public school elementary principal to email us to create this relationship with the school. Please email me at

  8. Lucie Papia (unregistered) on September 21st, 2005 @ 5:47 pm

    We are an elementary school in the High Desert about 100 miles northeast of LA in the town of Helendale, California and would like to ADOPT A SCHOOL to help students affected by Hurricane Katrina. What started as a penny drive by 20 first graders has now spread across the grade levels, school-wide. We would like to be able to develop a relationship with the school and its students, pen-pals, etc. We would like and elementary school principal to email us to create this relationship with the school. Please email me at Thanks!

  9. Lisa Bergson (unregistered) on September 23rd, 2005 @ 1:45 am

    Please help! My good friend is trapped without gas at the Residence Inn in Woodlands, TX. He needs to get to Austin tomorrow. I will pay whatever it costs to get either gas or arrange for a ride for him. Please help, Lisa

  10. Lisa Bergson (unregistered) on September 23rd, 2005 @ 3:57 am

    My email address is

  11. Damon Mundy (unregistered) on November 10th, 2005 @ 12:54 am

    I would thank all the good people of Texas for helping me and my family. You all have done so much for me and the rest of my people from down south only God know’s the feeling of releaf that you all have giving us. Thank you

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