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Harris County asks for Astrodome volunteers – now!

The Harris County Citizens Corps is asking for volunteers to immediately sign up and get down to the Astrodome to help everyone have as smooth of a transition as possible.

25,000 people is a whole lotta’ people.

Sign up on their website or email them directly to let them know how many volunteers you can bring with you. They do request that you give them a heads up before just showing up.

Astrodome says hello to 23,000 evacuees

500 buses will be bringing the Superdome gang from New Orleans to the Astrodome in the next few days. Talk about a huge upgrade – the Superdome currently has no ac, no electricity and no flushable toilets (read the full Houston Chronicle story here).

Unfortunately, the Astrodome’s doors are only open to those coming directly from the Superdome – everyone is on their own finding a place to stay.The Houston Red Cross has a list of some additional Houston shelters here. You can also call 1-(866) GET-INFO for more shelter and Red Cross service info for Hurricane Katrina evacuees.

I’ve been hearing about a lot of businesses and organizations offering specials/freebies to flood victims with valid state id’s. Clubs, museums, restaurants, theme parks – it’s nice to hear about promotional things like this.

What good hurricane evacuee resources do you know of? How have you seen our fellow Houstonians reach out?

—> Check out the FEMA site for a good list of organizations to donate cash to.

Monday in the town :: Bumping soul and $2 Lone Star

I’ve been on a quest for swell weeknight music and decent drink specials. The challenge isn’t in finding chill places to go, but in finding a *cheap* place to indulge in aural sensations and good beverages. After all, what fun is it to break the bank going out on a weekight when Friday, Saturday and Sunday loom ahead?

Monday night coolness (and cheapness):


The Proletariat
Soul Satisfaction :: Weekly soul music set by DJ Ish and friends (sponsored by Hater Magazine)

~ Those boys threw on some sweet classic soul tunes mixed surprisingly well with more up-to-date beats. Very mellow (actually a little on the empty side), no cover charge and $2 Lone Stars / super cheap wells. This might become a weekly thing in our household. Come around 10:30, bring your pals and play pool with us.

Best wishes to our N’awlins pals

Everyone please keep our New Orleans Metblog family in your thoughts. I’m sure that your positive vibes or prayers (or whatever it is you send) will be much appreciated during such a scary and dangerous time.

May Katrina skip over your houses, may your car never run out of gas and (most importantly) may you and your family/friends/pets/stamp collections return home safe and sound. Best wishes!

Did you hear something?

Check this out… it’s a site (kind of like Metroblog) where people post things they’ve overheard in their city.

Gas prices make me woozy – and it isn’t the fumes

18 month gas prices.jpg

Low gas price seekers, help your fellow commuters out and report ‘low’ and criminally high fuel prices on

The site has a wealth of knowledge – easy plotting tools to compare Houston gas prices to other cities, gas conservation ideas, reviews of fuel-efficient vehicles and car talk forums. (Thanks to Jennifer U. for the tip)

Houston Revealed #25

This is it.

This is the final installment of Houston Revealed! Before you open up the bottle of bubbly

Anyone feel like Baseball?

   The Astros
Knowing that Houston MetroBloggers are a cheap bunch (yours truly included)

Houston Revealed #24

Welcome to Houston Revealed #24. We’ve had a busy week since our last post. First congratulations to Eric Nordstrom for figuring out that Revealed #22 was taken at Annunciation Catholic Church. I thought the leafless trees might throw people off considering it is the middle of summer, but Eric persevered.

Congratulations also go to Patrick Winkler for answering #23, the Mellie Esperson building. Patrick remembered this detail even though he hasn’t been in downtown Houston for years! Patrick, what are you taking for your memory and can I have some? And take note that the Mellie Esperson building was the FIRST building in Houston to have central air conditioning. Leave it to a woman!

This is my swan song for Houston Revealed. I just want to take this moment to thank Paul Chavez for asking me to help him with his brain child. I learned so much about downtown from taking pictures and following the contest. I love Houston and our great downtown and I hope that this has inspired you to get out there and explore.

There could be nothing easier than this picture. I want every one of you to write in. Fill our mail box and tell us what it is. Even if you are not first, show me that you know it, because I know you do.

Image hosted by

I’m waiting to hear from you. Email Houston Revealed with the answer.

P.S. Before next week, somebody please go down to the theater district. Park in the garage. Go to street level and walk around looking for this metal sculpture. Let’s have a perfect run for Houston Revealed.

100 Greatest Hits

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