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All (c)rapped out… (an intro to some of Houston’s top radio stations)

Yesterday, I did something that – three years ago – I swore I would never do. I removed 104, KRBE from my radio pre-sets. This is no small thing, as I have ten total pre-sets. One would think I’d have room to spare. After tuning in and hearing nothing but rap and r&b for three songs, I decided it was time to remove “Houston’s hottest local Top 40 station…” from my dial. (–FAIR Discussion, 99)

The first day I ever tuned in to 104.1 FM was the day Sam Malone and the Morning Show first aired. It was around 5:00am, and I had woken up before my alarm clock. I had a half hour before I had to be out of bed, but – amazingly – I couldn’t go back to sleep.

Appley Goodness – Version Two

It’s about time. Houston is finally getting its second Apple store. Or I guess I should say the Houston area because it is in The Woodlands. The Dallas area has had two stores for a while now. And even though I am happy that there is another Apple location in the area, I think it is probably like the Galleria one. Smallish. Can someone from The Woodlands confirm this for me? Does it have a theater? Bigger or smaller than the Galleria one?

So tomorrow is the Grand Opening in The Woodlands. The first 1000 people get a free Apple T-shirt. You also have a month to get up to the store and sign up for a Grand Opening Prize package including a iMac G5 and iPod, a camera, printer and camcorder.

Here is the information for the store including hours, a map and driving directions.

2005 Blogathon

It’s that time of year again – the time of year where bloggers all over the world blog every half hour for twenty-four hours straight to raise money for charity.

Last year I participated and raised over $400 for my charity, Heifer International and I would love to raise even more.

Every half hour I’ll be putting up a new mp3 for download, so come for the music and stay for the sleep-deprived posts!

You can get more information on what exactly Blogathon is here and then you can sponsor me here. ;-)

Houston Revealed #21

Houston Revealed turns 21 today!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to Eric Nordstrom for correctly guessing that the photo was of the University of Houston Downtown Beacon in front of (coincidently) the University of Houston Downtown’s Commerce Street Building. By the way Eric

Lowriders in Houston!

What’s up pendejos?!

So like, lemme tell you. I arrived at Reliant Stadium on Sunday afternoon and the first thing I witnessed before entering the building were two guys on the ground, handcuffed and yelling at each other with security and police officers standing over them. While the scene poignantly reminded me of something from the Griswold

Dog Show Podcast

Come along to the Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows as I interview a bunch of great folks!

Lone Star Ruffnecks Flyball Team
Harris County Veterinary Medical Association
Houston SPCA
The Barfer Shoppe
Hill’s Science Diet *
Houston Humane Society
Three Dog Bakery *
My Dog & Me * *
Mari Jon Filla Student Art Exhibit and photo contest *

(Time: 40:53)

* – Listen for special deals for podcast listeners!

Intro and outtro music is I’m on Board by The Ride Theory.

Simulcast from “Riding with the window down…”

Houston Revealed #20

Well folks, we are in the home stretch. There are only five more Houston Revealeds left, so if you haven’t taken a stab at one of our photos, now is your chance. I hear a rumor that it might actually be sunny this weekend so you should get out and explore downtown!

Before we continue with #20, we have some acknowledgments. First congratulations to Chris Sunstrom for correctly identifying last week’s entry as the Julia Ideson building (the old library). AND we finally had a correct guess for Houston Revealed #6! Nancy Zamarron identified the location of the picture as Minute Maid Park. Whew. So we only have two pictures that haven’t been identified. I have a feeling that Chris Loudermilk will identify #15, but so far no takers on #14. It is hard and I’ll narrow it down and tell you that you should be looking in the theater district area. How’s that! I’m going soft here at the end!

On with this week’s photo. This was actually one of the very first ones that I took when we were discussing the idea. And here it is at the end. Do you know where this is?

Image hosted by

If you think you know the answer, drop us a line!

Copynight Houston presents Grokster discussion/debate

Robert of Idiotprogrammer has organized a Grokster debate/discussion on behalf of Copynight Houston. The event will take place next Wednesday, July 27th from 7:00-8:30 PM. It is free to the public and is at Nexus Cafe, 2828 Rogerdale (a block away from Rogerdale and Westheimer, Second floor of Walden Internet Village Apartments). There is plenty of free wi-fi to go around in that place, I hear. I will be on the panel along with another attorney, Patrick Flanagan of Drop Trio fame, and Robert Nagle himself. I am looking forward to our discussion. Robert and I have thrown ideas back and forth on various copyright related topics; it will be interesting to do so with an audience! Debate topics will include:
1. Does current copyright law help or hurt artists?
2. Will technological innovation increase or decrease copyright infringement?
3. What is the impact of Grokster vs. MGM Supreme Court decision on publishers, web site owners and inventors?

Please come and bring your questions and comments. For more info, see Robert’s entry on the subject.

Hot Town, Cool City

Hot Town, Cool City is an upcoming Houston-based film project that focuses on the funky-cool parts of our sweltering city that we have all come to search for and love.

Its “primary goal was to create an intimate feel in the film

Houston is going to the dogs – YES!!

This week is the 28th annual Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows. It is billed as America’s premiere canine extravaganza and the largest event of its kind, with 12,000 dogs entered and 40,000 visitors and participants.


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