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Jenni’s Noodles

Jenni’s Noodles was just featured in the Dining Guide of the Houston Chronicle. There was even a good picture of the allegedly “orgasmic” pho on the front. If you haven’t been to Jenni’s Noodles, I strongly recommend that you go. It is really delicious and cheap. There are even vegetarian friendly choices. Jenni’s is located at 2130 Jefferson St and is open Monday through Saturday 11AM to 10PM. Yum!

Am I back…?

It has been a rather long time n’est ce pas? I shall try to make this a weekly thing now…really I will. :)

Well – to sum it up briefly: I garnered a new full-time job and have been busily working and whatnot. I am currently the Assistant Produciton Coordinator for a new television court show filiming here in Houston for Fox. It’s been keeping me busy to say the least.

Show and tell for today:

I recently discovered a new band who has pushed their way to the top of my favorites list – Pitty Sing. With a lead singer orginally from Great Britain, the band formed in Boston and is currently in New York. Any fan of the Breakfast Club or any of the fabulous 80s movies will hear their music and immediately recall favorite scenes from those movies. A modern twist on 80s synth/pop with great melodies and songs. I HIGHLY recommend giving this band a listen and I just hope and hope and hope they come down to Houston.

Houston Revealed #8

Well, we are back on track. After stumping our players for two weeks, we have a winner for Houston Revealed #7. Chrissy was the first person to let us know that last week’s entry was taken between One Allen Center and Two Allen Center.

Here is this week’s entry. Where was this picture taken?

Image hosted by

If you think you know email us the answer!

Good luck!

Technology Bytes


How ’bout a little politics?

Looks like former Houston Rep. Chris Bell is running for governor. You may know him as the congressman who filed the original ethics complaint against Rep. Tom Delay.

I’m not endorsing him at this point, but I’ve read quite a few op-ed pieces he’s written and I’m intrigued. In addition, his Website is clean and minimalistic, though it does offer a little Podcasting for you iPod folk.

You can check out his site if you want to know more about him, or if you’re really interested in getting to know him, join Chris Bell and his wife for happy hour at The State Bar on Thursday, April 28, at 5:30 p.m. Looks like RSVPs are required.

Questions of Significant Curiosity

So anyone know what

Girls on Skates

Have you heard? Houston has an all girl roller derby league in training. Roller Derby people. Roller Derby. The Houston league is brand new and completely skater run. Why do I know this? Because one of my co-workers is a roller derby girl.

I know you are curious. You can meet the skaters on Saturday, April 23rd because they will be holding a fundraiser at the Montrose Skate Shop (3202 White Oak in the Heights) from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. It will be a combination Car Wash, Yard Sale, Bake Sale to begin raising money for operating expenses.

The skaters will also be rolling in the Art Car Parade and the league will hopefully be up and running in the Fall.

Roller Derby people. Roller Derby.

Houston Revealed #7

Hey you guys! What’s the deal?

Have we really stumped you on the sites for Revealed #5 and #6? So far, no one has guessed the correct answers for those photos… so let’s try something different!

Here is this week’s photo:

Houston Revealed Photo #7... off to work you go!

What area is this from? We’re looking for the name of the buildings where this photo was taken.

If you think you know, send your answer via email to us before next Wednesday.

Do tennis players have groupies?

The US Men’s Clay Court Championships are here in Houston at the Westside Tennis Club (1200 Wilcrest Dr.) from April 18-24.

If you actually know something about tennis (unlike me), here are some updated scores for you.

Seven Deadly Alamo Drafthouse specials

So this may prove how easily enthralled I am, but I have been bizarrely amused by these Seven Deadly Sin-inspired dishes at the Alamo Drafthouse (1000 West Oaks Mall) when looking for Sin City showtimes (today: 3:35, 7:30, 10:35).

* Greed: The “get Your Own” Platter- 3 mozarella sticks, 3 jalapeno poppers, 3 fried pickles, and 3 chicken strips.
* Pride: “Proud As Angel Wings”- Smoky BBQ Wings served with southwest coleslaw, focaccia bread and pepperoncini.
* Gluttony: “Guts of Glory” Calzone- An enormous calzone stuffed with pepperoni, chopped bacon, sausage, marinara, and cheese.
* Envy: “Green With Envy” Salad- Fajita meat, mixed greens, salsa, sour cream, jalapenos and our homemade southwest vinaigrette.
* Anger: “Wrath of Prawns”-Crawfish plate with corn and potatoes.
* Sloth: “Sloth”y Joe’s- Just like Mom used to make, but better! Served with onion rings to make ya extra lazy!
* Lust: “A Question of Lust” Berry Bowl- A White chocolate bowl filled with seasonal berries, trimmed with whipped cream, and dusted with cocoa.

That epicurian touch is much more appreciated than my memories of the movie Se7en, which caused me to become a vegetarian for almost 5 months.

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