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Tiara Happy Hour

I forgot to mention it, but the latest Tiara Happy Hour is tomorrow at the Flying Saucer on the corner of Capital and Main.

For those of you not familiar with the Tiara Happy Hour concept, it’s pretty simple. A bunch of people (in this case, mostly bloggers) meet in a bar, wear tiaras (boys must wear one too), and drink. And drink more. And then drink some more.

Tiara Happy Hours are always a lot of fun (see proof here, here, here, and here; as you can tell, lots of boobies get involved in these pictures) and you should definitely come out if you can. I’m also making Burn It CDs to pass out as favors.

For more details, check the Evite.

Hope to see you there!

Dance like it’s 1984


Freneticore is leaping their way into our Orwellian hearts with their breakdance ballet / multimedia production of 1984.

As George himself said: “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.

Please don’t forget that and do come to Helio’s (411 Westheimer Road) at 8pm this Friday and Saturday.

Houston Revealed #4

Last week’s mystery photo still remains a mystery. We received several emails, but the correct building hasn’t been identified. Get out there and keep looking!

But on we go with this week’s Houston Revealed. If you think you know the answer send an email to the link below. The first person who guesses correctly will be eligible for a prize drawing. Prizes include certificates for restaurants downtown and a personalized guided tour of the backstage of Houston Grand Opera just to name a few.

Here is this week’s photo:

Image hosted by

What building is this from?

If you think you know, email us the answer!

Good luck!

Burn It – The Spring 2005 Edition

It’s hard to believe, but the mix CD swap I run, Burn It, is turning two years old.

To commerate this anniversary, I’ve decided to make the theme for this mix driving music, the theme that started it all off.

If you’d like to participate or are interested in what I’m babbling about, you can get all the details here.

We had a couple of Metbloggers sign up last time and I sure would love to see more of you participate in this round.

The Sam Houston Hotel

Being a Houstonian that has lived here all my life, I usually don’t have much to say about the hotels here. When people come visit me, they usually stay at my house. The only experience I’ve really had with Houston hotels is when I attend functions such as a wedding, meetings, etc.

Last night I had the opportunity to stay at the Sam Houston Hotel. For those that aren’t familiar with the property, it has a great deal of history behind it. I won’t go into specifics (you can read more if you’d like), but it is supposedly downtown Houston’s only “landmark hotel”. Hearing that, you’d think that it’s a rundown structure for old people, but the lobby of the hotel actually has a contemporary design.

This design is also carried out to the rooms, which are spacious and comfortable. You get a large TV, an in-room safe that has enough room for a laptop, a big bed, a couch, and a very modern looking bathroom. The rooms were definitely not what I expected.

If you enter the lobby, make sure and check out the hologram/painting across from the big mural of the battle of San Jacinto. I didn’t notice that it wasn’t a real painting unti someone pointed it out.

Also, I had the chance to check out the bar downstairs (The Sam Bar) as well as the restaurant, 17. The Sam Bar had an intimate atmosphere, while 17’s eclectic american food was not only creative but tasty as well.

The service provided by the staff was excellent. I was greeted as soon as I opened the door to my car, and from that point on someone was assisting me until I reached my room. I left for dinner in the evening, and when I came back my bed was ready, the lighting was set, and they had put a bucket of ice and a bottled water for me next to the couch. I was very impressed.

So if you’re looking to house some guests and want to have them stay someplace nice, I’d definitely recommend the Sam Houston Hotel.

Refinery regrets

refinery fire.jpg

Many empathetic thoughts and prayers to the families of the Texas City BP plant explosion victims.

The blast certainly hit close to home for many people that I work with and spend time with everyday – I hope you and your’s are safe and well.

Houston Revealed #3

Week #3 of Houston Revealed! Congratulations to James Benton for guessing last week’s picture, which was a part of the statue

Nitroglycerin Motherfuckers (an interview with Guitar Wolf)

Imagine you

Hey baby, nice baked goods you got there

I’ve heard a lot about Seattle’s Erotic Bakery and now it looks like we have one of our very own, in Sugar Land no less.

Go check out Nooky’s Erotic Bakery (10140-C Highway 6 South) as they open this weekend. Probably not the bakery you’ll stop in to pick up something for Sunday brunch dessert with the family, but then again maybe your family is completely and absolutely different than mine…..

Hee hee, plus it’s really fun to say ‘kinky cupcakes’.

Houston Revealed #2

Week #2 of Houston Revealed! A big congratulations to Brian Poirier of for guessing last week’s picture was taken at the Esperson Building. Brian, your name is going into the hat for one of our drawings.

Each Wednesday a new mystery photo from the downtown area will be posted. If you think you know the answer send us an email at the link below. The first person who guesses correctly wins the prestige and acclaim of their fellow man and will be eligible for a prize drawing. What kind of prizes? Gift certificates for restaurants downtown and a personalized guided tour of the backstage of Houston Grand Opera just to name two.

And if you really like the publicity, I have buttons that you can load on your website proclaiming for all the world to see that you are a winner!

Here is this week’s photo.

Image hosted by

Where is this located?

If you think you know, email us the answer!

Good luck

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