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Is Rick’s hiring?

Sad news about fellow Houstonian, Anna Nicole. Sad for her and her former $88 million at least.

I’m crying on the inside, really I am.

Having Fun With The Prince of Darkness

Has anyone checked out a magazine in Houston called 002? I picked up a free copy at Diedrich

Don’t wire me in

So I’m writing about this again, as it is an issue dear to my heart. Can you say Internet addiction?

Some Houston WiFi resource suggestions from Houston MetBlog readers/visitors:

B4 U Eat restaurant WiFi findings
Wireless Community Project Node Database
Houston WiFi Hotspot List
ooohh… and join the Houston Wireless Community – anyone know how active these guys still are?

If all else fails, go to Fry’s and buy a WiFi locator. Happy warchalking!

A friend in need…

I dreamt of tsunamis last night. If you think of it, you might consider calling your nearest Red Cross to ask about donation options for their international disaster relief funds. Of course, there are so many others as well that are just a click away online.

(edit: man, I hope that didn’t sound preachy)

On an unrelated, admittedly less important note — here’s a list of some free WiFi spots in Houston. I know there are more, but I’ve lately settled for the occasional coffee shop and university connection. Where do you go to stay connected?

It Looks Fake, But It

As Hesam mentioned the other day – it snowed in Houston on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!!!

When I lived in Philadelphia, I would dread the snow because it meant that I had to start shoveling and hope that ice had not formed on the roads. Bridges were always a problem with snowy weather since ice usually accumulated on them. However, in Houston, the stuff didn

A White Christmas

I can’t believe my eyes..

As I write this, my neighbors, as well as a few of my own family members, are outside throwing snowballs with what appears to be Houston’s version of snow. It’s coming down, and if you’ve got a vehicle parked outside you’re likely to see it building up. It might not be “real” snow (it melts by the time it reaches the ground), but it’s about as close as we can get down here.

For someone who hasn’t seen anything close to snow since they were young, it’s quite the sight. It certainly made everything feel a little more ‘Christmas-y’.

Happy Holidays!

Get Ready


Just in case you don’t know the Lord of the Rings Exhibit will be here this summer at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. The exhibit will open on June 5th and run through August 28th. It was created in exclusive partnership with New Line Cinema and will feature costumes, jewelry, armor and weapons, models, and information on the digital effect and makeup used in the film. You can find information on the exhibit here.

If you have any friends or family who like LOTR expect to play host once the exhibit arrives. Did you venture to the MFAH when the Star Wars exhibit was in town? It was madness. The museum was as crowded as a mall and I imagine it will be the same or more so this time. Granted there was an amazing Impressionist exhibit at the same time, but I think that was just smart planning on the museum’s part. Lure them in with Star Wars and then expose them to Fine Art. One suggestion I will offer. If you have ever considered becoming a member of the museum and you are interested in this exhibit, now would be the time. On a regular day the difference between the member line and the regular line is pretty significant. I can only imagine what it will be like when the chaos descends on the museum in June.

Cards for a cause


If you’ve been dragging your feet on getting your holiday cards out, don’t forget the beautiful M.D. Anderson Children’s Art Project’s holiday card collection.

Their regular card sets, calendars, neckties and the like could make a great Christmas present for that super swell someone. Plus it’ll give you the warm fuzzies knowing your money is going to some very special kids.

Edit: Well what do ya’ know… here’s a Chronicle story about the kid artists.

In a Word, The Best

I had a choice last night between going to see Dr. Strangelove at MFAH or ice skating at the Galleria (sans camera this time). I decided on the ice skating and I can say with 100% certainty that it was the best damn $10.50 I spent all day!

So what that I fell down 4 or 5 times? So what that I have bruises on my hand and leg and that my feet hurt? I had a blast for about an hour-and-a-half! Keep in mind that I have only ice-skated once before and that was over a year ago.

I suppose this makes a good analogy for my thinking: Given the choice between a passive activity (watching a movie) and an active one (skating on ice and falling down), I seem to take the active approach.

And yeah, I

A Classic Christmas


Although not a member, I attended a Houston Second Baptist Church business holiday function yesterday and found out about this killer Classic Christmas Car Show that’s happening late this week and next week.

Apparently an incredibly wealthy member of their church community is lending them like a thousand (okay, exaggeration) amazing classic collector cars to put on display. There will be a holiday parade and a 5-minute presentation on each of the decades represented by the cars. Oh yes, and singing – lots of it.

Can we say Aston Martin and ’57 Chevy? I am so there.

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