Women’s Specialists Midwives

I can’t resist plugging the group of CNMs (Certified Nurse Midwives) I’ve been using throughout my pregnancy. This group of four incredible women are part of the Women’s Specialists of Houston, and work in conjunction with several of Houston’s best OB/GYNs as well as both St. Luke’s and Methodist Hospitals.

Before you picture any granola-crunching, Birkenstock-wearing, herb tincture-wielding stereotypes of midwives here, let me first say shame on you for harboring sterotypes, and then say that all of these women hold not only a Masters degree in nursing, but also additional training and certification in women’s reproductive issues and midwifery. Not only are they highly qualified, they are also compassionate and will spend more time during your appointments talking with you and listening to you than the average OB/GYN. And they’re not just for babymaking–they’re qualified and equipped to handle the well-woman care that OB/GYNs do, from your yearly paps to birth control to breast exams.

Most importantly, the CNMs view pregnancy and childbirth as natural occurrences that usually do not need heaps of medical intervention. It’s up to you how much technology and intervention you want in your pregnancy and birth, and they’ll guide you through whatever path works best for you. You don’t have to have an unmedicated birth if you don’t want to–they support you being in control of your birth experience and will offer guidance in helping you decipher the myriad options that face you. They are an especially wonderful option for people like me, who want the security of a hospital birth along with the constant attention and support that only a midwife can provide.

What more can I say? These women rock!

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