raindrops falling on my head…

well, not anymore. But they were. As I headed off to my part-time job off of I-10 and the beltway, I experienced a plethora of weather experiences coming down the Katy freeway from highway 6. I left my house near West Oaks Mall to sunshine and fluffly clouds. A block further to pick up dry cleaning (which turned out someone had already picked up) and dark clouds began encroaching my view.

Go down further down past Westheimer…….some sprinkles begin to fall upon my car. Hit Memorial – we got a full blown thunderstorm, pouring down. At this point, I’ve taken off my sunglasses. As soon as I get on the entry ramp to I-10, its stopped raining and the sun is peeking out. Pass two exits – its pouring down again…but only for about 100 feet.

It then finally stops at the beltway where it is partly sunny with some lingering clouds. Sunglasses are back on at this point.

Only here could u get the full weather experience in 10 minutes. I guess even nature understands you need something to amuse you while sitting in traffic.

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