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Welcome to Metblogiverse, Pittsburgh!

Pittsburg at night

Originally uploaded by photo_wanna_be.

Pittsburgh, PA makes their Metroblog debut! You should do the friendly Texas thing and go say howdy.

Photo: Hermann Park in the Fog

HouMet contributor Andrew Rebman gives us a perfect glimpse of the unusual fog we’ve had around the city. This shot from the reflection pond in Herman Park looks out towards the statue of our namesake, Sam Houston.

Show the world how Houston looks through your eyes, join other photographers in the Houston Metblog Flickr Photo Group. We’ll publish your views on life in Houston.

Gov. Perry Does a 180 on Border Security Philosophy


Gov. Rick Perry said a whole lot about border security during his re-election campaign. From what I remember, he kinda towed the party line about building a wall along the Mexican border. But today, he told a the Texas Border Coalition that building a wall along the border is “preposterous”.

Gov. Good Hair’s campaign pandered to the “angry anti-immigrant” segment of the population, and seeing as how he got reelected, that’s a popular sentiment around here. So it must come as a total shock when he says “The only thing a wall would possibly accomplish is to help the ladder business.”

In an unusally wise statement, Perry says “Good neighbors do not foster fear and engage in divisive appeals. They seek solutions”

Hopefully this is the beginning of sane political thinking about how to deal with immigration. What do you think? Is a wall a good idea? Are there other options? Would you really sit and watch a webcam of the border?

Get your FREE on!

Time Warner Cable and Toyota are putting on a series called Movies in the Park. The movies will be presented under the stars in Sesquicentennial Park and will include a live band and concessions. The lineup is as follows:

October 7th – E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
November 11th – From Here to Eternity
December 2nd – The Polar Express

Cat Adoption Opportunity

Michael Harren of Mikeypod on the Bayou will soon no longer be “of the Bayou” and leaving for many adventures.


This is what he forwarded me about his kittycats:

Michael Harren is a local podcaster (MikeyPod on the Bayou) and supporter of many civil rights issues. He is moving in August and sadly must find a home for his 2 cats.

Kitty: Female, spayed. I adopted Kitty about 8 years ago when I lived in the Heights. She was a neighborhood cat, and loved everyone. She used to follow me down the street and wait for me outside when I went to eat at a local restraunt. I took her with me when I moved from there. She is very good natured, and was an indoor/outdoor cat until about two years ago. She adapted perfectly to being indoor only. She is extremely laid back, and cuddly, and purrs whenever she is picked up….even at the vet!

Kali: Female, spayed. She is about 5 years old. She was found on the side of a freeway when she was teeny tiny and I adopted her on the spot. She is a little bit standoffish and gets spooked easily, but once she gets to know you she will be very cuddly. I don’t think she would be good to have around children, but she would be fine with adults. She has always been an indoor cat.

I will take both cats to the vet and get them checked out and shots up to date before I leave. I am planning to be gone for 6 months to a year, I probably wont come back to Houston and I can’t say for sure if I will be able to take the cats back. it would be great if they could stay together.

He can be reached at mikeypod (at) gmail (dot) com for further information.

Houston Blogger Goes Bigtime

Via blogger extraordinaire Darren Rowse, I learned that Houstonian Paul Stamatiou will be living the life of a Yahooligan. Getting a Yahoo blog internship at 19 is an incredible feat, but this guy seems up for the challenge. Wishin’ ya well, Paul!

HTown Games: Field Day in Studewood Park

I posted about a City Wide Capture the Flag event a few weeks ago and got some good response both here and in other communities. So, we should get together and do it, and more things like it!

HTownGames is a community where everyone can get together and organize public games. Start your own, suggest a new one, weigh in on others’ ideas, just get out and do it!

The first event is this Sunday: Field games at Studewood Park. So get out there and have fun!

List of things Houston is, has been, or should be Capital of

Houston has made it to the top of yet another list. As the newly crowned “dog bite capital” we either have the most vicious loose dogs or the tastiest mail carriers. There seems to be an awful lot of list-making going on in American media these days. As I’m as guilty of list-watching as the next guy I’ve compiled an incomplete list of things Houston has been dubbed the capital of the last few years:

1. Obesity (2001, 2002, 2003, 2005)
2. Eating Out (I’m sure that has nothing to do with #1)
3. Hardest to Navigate (2005)
4. Most Polluted (2002, though Southern Cal seems to have that covered now)
5. World’s Largest Medical Complex (…and still champion…)

Of course we all know this gives us a very skewed vision of what life in Houston is really like, well, except for the eating out part. Calling all readers, what should Houston really be known as the capital of? The comments are open…

The Woodlands Market Street and Waterway

My husband and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary this weekend. Because we have the baby now and can’t just go out when we please without tons of preparation, we decided to drop the bundle off at his grandparents’ house in the Woodlands and spend our anniversary at Brios on the Woodlands Waterway and then check out Market Street. I grew up in the Woodlands and though these new attractions have been around for a few years I hadn’t been back to explore them. It is very weird for me that all this development has gone in. I remember when…

Anyway, the river part was okay and Brios was very good. Valet parking was $5 and very convenient. After dinner (rare steaks and a salad with gargonzola all over it) we headed to Market Street. There was a huge garage we could park in and we did not have to search for a space. Market Street was very well done and is similar to a small town square where everyone goes to congregate and meet each other. Chris said it reminded him of the town square in Back to the Future. I agreed. Also, with all the shops he said it was similar to West Palm Beach. The best part I think was the movie theater. We didn’t go inside but it was very cool looking. I recommend a trip out the ‘burbs to check it out for a day of shopping and a night of dining. I never thought I’d say that!!!

BlogHouston Meetup Postponed

Anne of BlogHouston found a way to get out of going to tonight’s meetup because she had a run-in with a rocking chair:

I had a bit of an accident today. I was retrieving a chair that was hanging up on a rafter in the garage. Somehow an old wooden rocking chair that was hanging nearby also came down and landed on my head. Needless to say, my head did not fare so well. Neither did the rocking chair.

I am very disappointed to say that we are going to postpone tomorrow night’s get together until sometime after Memorial Day weekend.

I sincerely apologize and hope that if you were planning on coming, you’ll be patient while I get myself back together and we can reschedule.

Thank you.

And so, the meetup I had announced here earlier has been postponed.

You know, Anne really needs to teach her cat Cabernet to be an Official Feline Rocking Chair Safety Engineer. Here at IFOC Headquarters, Piper fills that role nicely:

“This chair is safe.”

So no meetup. Damn. I guess that means everyone will be free and available to do Michael Garfield’s chat with the Mayor tonight.

I wish I’d known it would be pushed back. I’d have baked bread and headed Downtown to pass it on to Garf.

Man plans, God laughs, and Garf suffers.

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