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Domy Bookstore – Where an adult can be a kid


We stumbled upon what has got to be the one of the — Domy Bookstore (1709 Westheimer), a super fabulous progressive bookshop / gallery that makes my robot, tattoo and graffiti loving heart atwitter.

Domy is owned by the Brasil Coffeeshop and Raye clothing store gang – creating a magical little caffeineted shopping corner at Dunlavy and Westheimer. They sell everything from Yar! (the cool Houston graffiti artist) prints to Giant Robot and FOUND magazines to Bearbricks vinyl toys.

They are a little tucked away (at least to me, as they’ve been open 2 whole months and this weekend is the first we’ve noticed them), but you can find it immediately next to the uber-sweet CutLoose hair salon and Brasil’s coffee shop. Seriously – check this place out!!

(Domy Bookstore photo found via their Flickr group)

American Apparel finally in Houston?


After waiting months and months for the American Apparel store to *finally* open in downtown Houston, it has arrived… in Montrose?

Joining the ranks of hipster shopping cool-dom, the new AA store has settled in at 1665 Westheimer near Buffalo Exchange and the plethora of funky area boutiques.

It’s about time!! Now Houston will never have to worry wear to buy its solid-colored cotton coolness ever again.

As I sit here writing this (and other hair related stories)…

As I sit here writing this, most of our wonderful Houston MetBlog authors are sitting at Empire Cafe, enjoying coffee and other, more adult, beverages. Unfortunately, I was not feeling that well, this morning, and was not able to start getting things done until around 7:00pm today. I wasn’t able to attend, as I didn’t get done until late. Fortunately, however, I was inspired to write an entry.

“Hair related stories?” You’re probably asking yourself that question, about now. Yep.

Our journey begins, today, when I went to get my hair cut. I was originally intending to grow my hair out long, as I had it once. Unfortunately, the rising heat, and annoyance of the too long to anything with, too short to pull back syndrome got the better of me. I decided I had to get it cut…

When the reality sinks in…

I’ve been back in Houston almost 8 months now. (Taking a moment to wrap my head around that…) Today I’ve got one more item to add to the list of things I miss about Los Angeles: high-volume pro film labs. I got spoiled in LA living two blocks from A&I. When I was starting photography classes their hours had them open until 2AM. With three hour turn-around on slide processing, I could still drop a roll of at 11PM and pick it up before they closed for the night. Great for the photo student trying to push his deadlines.

Today I had to get a roll to AZ Lab that I’ll need for an 11:30 class at UH tomorrow. Getting the roll to them right at 2:30 this afternoon, it won’t be ready for me to pick up until 10:30 tomorrow morning.

I know most pros are transitioning to digital–I am too. And I know that in spite of FotoFest, Houston really isn’t a very big photography town compared to LA or NY. Still, a pro camera shop and an extended hours lab shouldn’t be too much to ask from the 4th largest city in the country.

Jumpin’ Jack Flash it’s a Gas, Gas, Gas

Gas prices got you down? It could be worse. Yeah, predictably, our brethren in California are worse off than we are. I was surprised, however, to notice that Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho are so much cheaper than here. Guessing that lower state gas taxes may be a factor there. Can’t think of much else that would cause such a drastic shift… after all, when you think “oil”, Utah isn’t really the first state that comes to mind…

Bayou City Art Festival – Memorial Park

Hi folks!

This weekend, between your visits to the various (amazing) installations of Fotofest 2006, visit the Bayou City Art Festival in Memorial Park.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
March 24 – 26, 2006
10 a.m. to 6 p.m. all three days
Admission is $8 for adults and free for children 12 and under

Online Grocery Delivery Service in Houston

I’ve been waiting for a service like Peapod to return to Houston. Sometimes my busy schedule makes it impossible for me to either get to the grocery store or even pick up some take-out. So, finally, Rice Epicurian has teamed up with to offer online order and delivery services all over Houston. Rice Epicurian has always had delivery service, and that infrastructure together with’s technology likely makes a successful pairing.

Even my zip code is covered and I live at least 7 miles from the nearest store. Though, I do have to place a minimum order of $100 in my zip code, most zips have a minimum set at $50. And, since I’m ordering online, I’m able to buy in bulk and plan ahead which makes things so much easier. You can review your cart at a glance, andif you get close to check out and forgot something it takes about 2 seconds to add it to your cart instead of running around the store and losing your place in line. The online service launched in January, so is still quite new. Notwithstanding, when I tried it out the service I received was flawless, or nearly so. You cannot order for same day delivery unless you order by 9am. So, your best bet is to order the day before. I did not find this out until checkout so I actually had to go pick up my order which was okay. I work a few blocks from the store so I was not inconvenienced. It is a $7 service charge to pick up and a $15 service charge for delivery no matter how big your order is. It may sound like alot but if you really need the convenience and you have a grocery bill to justify it, it is worth it. And your first delivery is free, so you may as well try it once.

The staff was very nice and the guy who fulfilled my order gave me a phone call to make sure he had the order clear. He even suggested I substitute an item with a similar item which was on sale. When I arrived at the store, the manager went to retrieve my order, noticed something was missing and gave it to me without charge. What a deal! I’m glad this convenience is back in Houston and I hope it lasts longer than Peapod!

Urban Outfitters in Rice Village

Am I the only one in the city that didn’t know that the Urban Outfitters in Rice Village was no longer open? What happened?!

Someone told me it burned down…whatever the case, when I passed by it today there were plenty of workers in and around the building doing work to get it back up and going..

I have always depended on Urban Outfitters for quirky gifts and odd things that you can get people – needless to say, for those of you that are lost without your Urban Outfitters, there’s always the Galleria location…

Does anyone know of other places that offer similar items? Share in the comments..

Educational Discounts

With only a few more shopping days until Christmas, the pressure is on to make those last minute purchases. Time is running out, but the budget-conscious student can still make some wise purchases.

If your school issues student identification cards, make sure and take advantage of educational discounts where possible. For example, at the Apple Store in the Galleria, you can get a 10% discount on Apple-branded products (such as iPod, Apple DIsplays, and Apple Computers). Just show your student id and the discount will be given at the register. On high dollar items, the discount can result in a considerable difference in price. An 4G iPod nano that is normally $249 can be purchased for $229 – the reduction is even greater on laptop computers and desktops.

You can even use this discount through the Apple Store Online if you choose the “Educational” link when going to the store’s page. Additionally, some educational institutions have set up customized pages that show recommended products at special prices for that school.

If anyone knows other places that offer educational discounts for purchasing products in the Houston area, please mention the location and discount in the comments.


… hence, when I was roaming around Rice Village and found the store Premium Goods, I freaked out! Although it

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