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The Daniel Radcliffe Dong Party

Exhibit will be held in the graduate painting studios of the University of Houston Art Building; which has been whitewashed in anticipation of the new school year. Look for artwork from Norberto Gomez, Jeanne Casanova, Cody Ledvina, Sean Carroll, Sebastian Foray, Cheyenne Ramos and Group 925- who invite everyone to add to their sprawling, humorous collaborative drawings. 4th Floor, UH Fine Art Building (above the Blaffer Gallery) 6-9pm, call 832-724-9464 for more information. As Cody Ledvina’s titillating flyer professes “bring stuff”

ONE Show @ Elder Street Gallery

I’m very eager to see this new FREE show at the old Jefferson Davis Hospital on Saturday, July 21, from 6-10 PM. 40 Artists from all edges of the Greater Houston Area will be displaying One work each. The artists include: Marie Weichman, Dan Mitchell Allison, Sorange Castillo, Anila Quayyum Agha, Nathaniel Donnett, Ray Phillips, John Mercado, Max Boyd Harrison, Lilibeth Andre, Aimi Dunn, Allan Rodewald, David A. Brown, Sergio Santos, Bridgett Vallery, Dune-Micheli Patten, Lacey Crawford, Van McFarland, Keith J. R. Hollingsworth, Mitch Cohen, Lorena Fernandez, Shelley Shanks, Cintia Rico, Alex Wilhite, MaryAnn Lucas, Richard Varela, Jerrie Glidden, Susan Goettsche, St├Ący Smith, Sarah Hazel, Julie Zarate, Xsemaj, Christian Perkins, Solomon Kane, Victoria Lewelling, William Panzer, Alissa Fereday, Dune Tencer, Heidi Powell-Prera, David Weaver, Matt Adams and Martin de Vore.

For more information, including directions, please visit:

Be sure and let me know if you plan on attending ;-)

The Big Show This Friday!

Friday, July 13 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm – Opening Reception
Exhibition runs until August 18.

More info:

BOMIT Website

If you like Graffiti & Street Art and haven’t heard about the Bomit website then I highly recommend taking a visit. Created by fellow Houstonian, Z! There’s lots of great images which feature not only local artists but others around the nation as well. Make sure you check out the Call For Entries for their upcoming Bandanna show.

What is this Domy Books?

I forgot how I found this place, but it wasn’t from simply driving down the street because if you blink, you’ll miss the store front. See?

Here’s the store front as viewed from across the street.

I think I may have discovered Domy from a listing in the Houston Press on their Monday Night Movie Nights. Anyway… a new bookstore in Houston is a light to which I fly. Thankfully, people still read (as evidenced by Brazos Books remaining steadfast and open) and I found the stuff at Domy to be “alternative” from other bookstores I’ve known.

Okay… not quite as “alternative” as say Black Hawk Leather since Domy seems to be more like an independent comic book store but mainly carrying hardcover / limited edition graphic novels and small press comics as well as rare and wonderful art/music videos kind of place. Fuck it, here’s a photo to help give you a better clue:


It’s a great place to let your mind get lost and enjoy the absurd and fantastic. The people who own Domy also own Cafe Brasil as well as that crazy looking clothing store next to Cafe Brasil.

Houston art scene awesomeness: Give Up vs. Yar


Domy Bookstore (1709 Westheimer) is hosting an art opening par-tay for Houston artists Give Up and Yar this Friday from 7-9pm.

Can’t make it then? The show runs at Domy until August 17th, or you could be cool and just pick up an inaugural copy of Case Magazine to see some more Houston urban art lovelies.

Lollipauperz Art Party {VIDEO}

About a year ago we hosted a record jam at the Lollipauperz house. The records were later bolted on the streets for the West Fest and we hosted a bike tour to view them. This gives you some idea of what went down that night…

Lollipauperz Flickr site:


Contemplating the American Landscape

The exhibition, Contemplating the American Landscape, is closing Friday, June 29th, so do check it out if you get a chance. Three Houstonians are featured in a group exhibition of American landscape and you can drop by for a last look at the Travis Tower lobby in downtown Houston. One of the artists featured, Divya Murthy, is interested in documenting the destruction, construction, and evolution of her neighborhood in Houston. Sounds interesting, yeah?

Get directions and press release here.

Tethered to the Sun show this Friday – yay!!!!


I have a huge photographic crush on the Tethered to the Sun girls. If you don’t know them, they are a pair of local Polaroid-wielding geniuses who snap (admittedly rather adult-themed) photos of beautiful people, smiles, skin, bathtub moments and many other soft and wonderful things.

Anyway, they are holding a one-night show at Dean’s (316 Main St.) and you should most definitely attend:

Tethered to the sun is a collaborative team of artists made up of Traci Matlock and Ashley MacLean. Dean’s will host their first their first large showing of photographs and video during a one-night feature exhibit on Friday, June 29th. Their work strives to discuss communication, sexuality, identity and cognition through the formation and reformation of myths. The event will be DJed by Nathan Smith and Dave Wrangler. Wine provided by Naked Winery and catering by Humidity Free Productions.

Time For Some Graffiti Videos

Speaking of videos from 2005, check out this humorous animated piece I found on YouTube. It’s Graffiti artist MEAT bombing the side of a building…

I also found another cool Graffiti video featuring Houston’s own NEKST gettin’ down:

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