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The Six Wards of Houston

The Old Sixth Ward Neighborhood Association recorded residents of the neighborhood talking about their houses and what the character of the neighborhood means to them. There are currently four videos up – Volume One, Volume Two, Volume Three, Volume Four.

Houston Chronicle: Group trying to preserve old Sixth Ward character posts front-porch testimonials on


If you’re a Houston transplant like I am you probably have no idea what a ward is much less where they all are. Here’s a great run-down of the Six Wards of Houston. The Houston Chronicle has a feature on the wards with a helpful map. Looking it over, one of the things you’ll likely realize is how much of Houston you’ve never set foot in. May I suggest a New Year’s Resolution? Get out there and do some local tourism!!!

Be a star, and pick up some pocket change

NBC is coming to Houston to check out possible contestants for a new show.

“Fortune” gives multimillionaires the opportunity to share their wealth and see firsthand how they can make a difference in the lives of people like you.

You don’t need to sing or dance or travel the world. All that’s required is a need for money and, most importantly, to be able to impress the judges — and ultimately the multimillionaires — with your story in just 60 seconds.

When & Where ?
Sunday, Jan. 7 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Marriott West Loop by The Galleria
1750 West Loop S.
Houston, TX 77027

Better plan on being there all day because if it is anything like any of the other reality show casting calls the line will be massive.

Too many men on the field

Maybe the Cougs could have used someone like place kicker Amanda DeLaFosse in their bowl game. After all, she did play for Mayde Creek High School which, according to the story on, has won 4 state championships. Is it surprising that a high school with 4 championship titles would have a female place kicker? Not to me. It tells me that the coaches are looking for talent first. Like any other dedicated athlete, Amanda has a strong athletic background that includes soccer and had help from her two brothers who played football at A & M.

While on the subject, did you know that Houston has a professional women’s football team? 2006 was a good year for the Houston Energy as they earned a chance at the championship title (which was claimed by Dallas, but at least it stayed in Texas, right?). They’ve been playing since 2000 (according to a well hidden statement from their website).

Thanks Tim for the story tip about Amanda!

What is “stealing”?

So I’ve been living in the Heights for almost a year and my sister and her husband have been in the Heights for about 4 years. I just recently became the recipient of a large amount of furniture (redid my entire apartment) and have been giving my old stuff away to friends and family. I had two office chairs that were just laying around doing nothing (chairs don’t usually do much besides just sit, hence their role in society). My sister started to explain how things work in the Heights when she came over Friday evening. Sister said, “Yo, brother, all ya gotta do is take the chairs and put them out by where you put your trash. Someone will come by and grab ’em.” Again, this was on Friday and the trash isn’t picked up until Monday. I’m not a real big fan of just throwing furniture out on the curb like this but I was suddenly intrigued by this suggestion. The chairs spent the night outside. Sure enough, the chairs were gone in the morning. I fully expected the chairs to be there until Monday. Maybe I’m living in the ozone but does anyone else find this a bit strange? What kind of people go around looking for stray office chairs in the middle of the night? I’ve heard of dumpster diving before, but this just really struck me as weird.

Amazing Faiths Houston


In People of Texas, people of faith, the Houston Chronicle reviewed Roy Spence Jr.’s new photobook The Amazing Faith of Texas: Common Ground on Higher Ground exploring the varieties of religious experience in Texas.

The book, which features several Houstonians including Mayor Bill White, inspired White to create a series of interfaith dinners composed of groups of 8-10 people who will have dinner on Tuesday, January 30, 2007 to discuss and share about their faith. If you’re interested in participating, you can sign up on their website – Amazing Faiths Houston.

Shopping Spree! Or Frenzy?

Get your shopping gear on cuz we have HUGE sales for this Friday, November 24th! I must be silly, but I’m kinda excited for this event. I’ve never been to one before, so I’m planning to go with the family to get some early Xmas shopping done. *Hints*

But I have heard some outrageous stories of how people waking up like 4 in the morning just to be the first in line and then scrabble and hustle toward the most coveted items they want to get before it’s all gone! Talk about survival of the fastest, or is it the most strategic?

Known as Black Friday, the origin of this holiday is unknown, or at least that’s what Wikipedia says. I didn’t know that there are this many stores participating.

You can check them out with these two links below:

Good luck with the rush of the shopping frenzy! I’m not sure if the crowd is too nice on this day. If you all see a 5-foot Asian girl hidden under a stampede of feet, yeah, that’ll be me… *winks*

Wandering through the ArtCrawl


Yesterday’s Art Crawl was way fun – lots of interesting people out and about looking at pretty things and drinking free wine.

We stuck to the warehouse district galleries, as that meant just one parallel parking experience. I love going to places in Houston where you can walk from spot to spot – that’s pretty rare in this town.

Some of my faves:

Kelsey Kapalski‘s painted wine bottles (see photo above)
Ray Phillips’ abstract paintings
– Tricia Garcia’s Burlesque painting tributes
Gloria Alvarez’s photos (at Atelier Jacquinet)
– Synchronized Christmas light music show at Rex Havuk’s house

Just as cool as the art was wandering through all of the funky loft and warehouse spaces – many of them doubling as living spaces for the artists. It’s kind of random, yet cool, to gawk at paintings in someone’s kitchen and wish that your living room was full of paint brushes and fireman poles.

Meet Mac – the baby elephant


Hurray! The Houston Zoo’s baby elephant now has a name: Mac

Over 8500 people participated in the baby elephant naming contest and one lucky guy/gal scored a family zoo membership and a behind the scenes tour with the elephant family and their trainers. Baby elephants are furry and hilariously cute!!! Photo found via the Houston Zoo blog.

Houston Children’s Museum is growing and growing


My sweet pal Sara loves exploring Houston and said this about her recent trip to the Houston Children’s Museum:

I love going to the Houston Children’s Museum with my 3-year old niece. She loves the colors and the hands-on policy….we run around playing with everything that catches her eye (which is roughly every 30 seconds).

She loves painting and the fact that she’s allowed to touch everything and explore to her heart’s content.
So last week when I took her for another trip, I was thrilled to learn that the museum has just gotten a $35 million dollar approval for expansion that’s expected to double the size of the museum. I can barely keep up with my niece in its current space so it’ll be an adventure running around in the expected 47,000 square foot expansion.

It turns out that the current capacity should be catering to 350,000 visitors per year but the actual number of those visiting has been estimated at 600,000! Mark your calenders for a 2009 opening of the new and improved museum.

The Chronicle reported on this expansion here. Should be completely rocking! Is it weird that I love kids’ museums even though I’m 24? Thanks Sara!

Football or Futbol?

I really really really hope the Texans win tomorrow. I’ve also been known to hope for the impossible. It would also be totally awesome if the Dynamo win tomorrow. Seriously, what an awesome way to start a franchise – with a championship performance!!! Cool Texan and Dynamo tidbits are over here

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