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600 sq mi: Photos from Houston – enter your favorite H-Town pics!


So here is some crazy-cool stuff from fellow wacky Houston blogger dudes, Houstonist: Enter your favorite Houston photos for a chance to be a part of 600 sq mi: Photos from Houston photography show.

The juried show will run the month of September at MSquared Gallery (19th St. in the Heights). Come one, come all — photographers of any experience level are welcome. The theme is Houston and its up to you to come up with your own interpretation and amazing shots to share with the world at large.

Be sure to check out the show’s Web site: and ENTER before the Friday, June 1 deadline!!! It’s going to be a blast.

The Center is saved!

Good news for those following The Center Serving Persons with Mental Retardation vs. the City of Houston: the Center is saved!

The Center and the city have reached a preliminary agreement which will allow the Center to remain at its West Dallas location and raise money to improve the Center’s campus.

Under the agreement, the Foundation for the Retarded will purchase the land and leases from the City for a price of $6.0 million. The City will also help provide the financing for the purchase. The transaction will be structured to resolve any and all disputes between the Center and the City regarding the legal status of our leases, and will allow the Center to continue operating from this location indefinitely. The closing of the transaction is subject to approval by the City Council of Houston and the Boards of the Center and the Foundation, and is further subject to negotiating mutually agreeable definitive documentation.

This is very exciting. Many congratulations to all those involved in this process, you have truly made a difference in the Houston community.

METRO showing hint of GREEN

Recently announced by the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s Director of Community Outreach, Karen Marshall, are plans for METRO to become a bit greener. This Friday, April 20th at Noon at 1900 Main Street, METRO President and CEO Frank WIlson, State Senator Rodney Ellis, and other bicycle advocates are holding a press conference where they will announce the implementation of bike racks on the METRO bus fleet. They would love to have as many cyclists as possible actually ride their bikes to the building on that day. There will also be refreshments from Whole Food Market along with demos from various bike shops in the lobby.


In addition to the bike racks, the meeting is a chance to see the sleek new hybrid bus and show your support for greener transportation in our city.

80,000 books for you at Houston Public Library Annual Book Sale

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Some people have gambling and drug addictions, I have a book addiction. I buy more than my bookcases can handle sometimes, but ahhhh…. the thrill of selecting topic and title, flipping through paper pages and bringing tomes home to read and keep my many other books company.

This weekend, April 20 – 22, is the Houston Public Library’s Annual Book Sale at the George R. Brown Convention Center (1001 Avenida de las Americas). They’re selling them nice and cheap for all you literary junkies needing a hook-up.

Regular Adult books are priced at $2 for hardcover editions and $1 for paperbacks. Better and Best Adult books are individually priced, usually between $3 and $10. Regular Children’s books are 50 cents, with the Better Children’s books starting at $1. Fiesta Mart bags are provided for those wishing to purchase a large quantity of books, and buyers are also encouraged to bring their own bags and wagons to make it easier for them to navigate the large collection of treasures.

R2D2 has landed in Houston

r2d2_mailboxsmall.jpgThat’s right… C3PO’s faithful little companion ‘bot has been spotted on the streets of Houston. On San Felipe near Post Oak (I didn’t have my camera ready) I spied one of the US Postal Service’s new R2D2 mailboxes. As you can see from the stock photo, they include a website

On the site you can see the new Star Wars stamps and vote on which one will be sold by itself. The entire collection will be sold on a single sheet, but the one stamp with the most votes online will be the only one produced separately. For the record, I voted for Boba Fett.


At least the geeks of the world won’t be all that upset about the price of stamps going up to 41 cents.

Father Tasered For Taking Own Baby From Hospital

“Police said the infant could have been injured if the officers had grappled with Lewis.”

Instead, an off-duty cop decided it would be a better idea to taser the man and let the baby fall onto the ground.
I’m not quite sure what to make of this because we don’t know the whole story. A part of me thinks this man did nothing wrong and was simply rescuing his child when the hospital would not let him and his wife leave with the baby. But that’s beside the point. What was an off-duty cop doing carrying a taser gun and why did he decide to taser this man? How is this legal? Shouldn’t they have guarded or locked the exits if it were really such a big problem?

I’ll let you read the article and decide. Just keep this kind of stuff in mind when you start noticing the encroaching martial law atmosphere upon us.

Texas City Disaster 60th anniversary today


It’s funny how time slowly erases painful memories – until I listened to the radio this morning I didn’t even remember that today is the 60th anniversary of the Texas City Disaster – the worst industrial accident in US history.

There are of course many who have not forgotten the 600 people who were killed in the explosions or the atomic blast strength seismic waves that destroyed the wharf and were felt hundreds of miles away. Survivors, relatives, citizens and fire fighters all attended a memorial service today and were a part of the ‘We Remember: Texas City Disaster’ reunion photo. Photo of Texas City explosion wreckage thanks to University of North Texas Library

Kofi Anyone?

Kofi Annan, the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations comes to Houston’s Hobby Center on April 16th for the The Brilliant Lecture Series – Conversations with Brilliance. Tickets are running from $15-150 and student discounts are being offered, so get yours here.

Thanks Farida for the heads up!

Yuri’s Night for the kiddos – exploring space on Earth


Due to the negligence of a certain Houston Metblogger (namely me), you may not have heard about the wonderful Houston Yuri’s Night celebration of the first man in space April 12th at Pub Fiction. I have failed you.

But all is not lost, as you can still join in the space celebration by attending the Space Day on April 21st by the George Observatory in Brazos Bend State Park. It will be an educational fun family event with requisite space geekery and good brain candy.

If you did make it to the Yuri’s Night alcohol-fueled celebration, do share your stories and tell us how much we suck for having missed it!

This weekend, the Houston Metblog is…


This weekend the Houston Metbloggers will be:

* Doing taxes
* Going to Millie Bush Bark Park
* Mowing the yard
* Creating the PMC Top 10 podcast
* Planning a European trip
* Editing video footage
* Submitting application to join the Houston Texans cheerleaders (ahem)
* Going to Japan Fest (Nihon Bunka Center will be demonstrating Aikido)
* Going to Hard Candy Saturday night at the Mink Room (3718 Main St)
* Marveling at Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo
* Snoozing
* Playing a mean bowling game (pitchers of beer included)

What are you up to this weekend?

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