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For the geeks out there – Houston is best salaried city for Programmers


I have programming on the brain after last night’s awesome Refresh Houston Meetup with WordPress‘ Matt Mullenweg – so these salary figures for software programmers city-by-city were particularly interesting to me (click image for full view, yeah I’m too lazy to re-type right now) :


The salary figures were adjusted to reflect the cost of living in the different cities and MAN what a crazy difference it makes! Houston programmers have twice the buying power that San Francisco developers do! Insane…

Thanks to Marc Nathan for the heads up (via Twitter, wyrd). Photo thanks to our very own Adrian!!

Bayou City Art Festival in Memorial Park this week!

FeaturedArt_CityScape.jpgCelebrating its tenth spring in Memorial Park, the 36th Annual Bayou City Art Festival is slated for Friday, March 23 through Sunday, March 25, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The performing artists will join more than 300 fine artists and dozens of international food and wine café vendors in transforming the park’s meandering, tree-lined trails into a magical art colony offering a host of visual, performing and culinary delights.

The multi-cultural performers, dressed in traditional costumes, along with crafts demonstrations by the Gulf Coast Wood Turners’ Association, origami artist Joan Son, The Blacksmith Association and Clay Houston potters.

I will be there covering it for my This Week in Houston, Houston Metblogs, and of course, Riding with the window down…

(image copyright Art Colony Association and the artist)

Metblog meets Malaysia :: Welcome Kuala Lampur!

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The Metblog familia would like everyone to welcome the latest addition to the family: Metblog Kuala Lampur

Home to nearly 2 million people and capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lampur is a beautiful ancient city bustling with cultural activity and a booming economy. Be sure to stop in and say hello!

Blue Lacy

I would like to know where in Houston I can pick up a Blue Lacy puppy. No, I’m not talking about a blue lacy thing, I’m referring to the official state dog of Texas. I figured someone out there would know… like maybe Chris?… so I’m posting it here yo.

Mayor White snags JFK Profile in Courage Award


Mayor Bill White won the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award this week for making “courageous decisions of conscience without regard for the personal or professional consequences” during the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

This year’s Profile in Courage award is also being awarded to Doris Voitier, Superintendent of Schools for St. Bernard Parish, LA who re-built and re-opened public schools in the hurricane’s aftermath. From Bill White’s press release:

“Mayor Bill White and Doris Voitier demonstrated tremendous courage in the face of extraordinary odds and they serve as an inspiration to us all,” said Caroline Kennedy, President of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation. “Mayor White’s quick actions evacuating thousands of families displaced by hurricanes Katrina and Rita most certainly helped to save lives. Despite insurmountable odds, Doris Voitier rebuilt the schools of St. Bernard Parish, making sure the children of her community had a place to learn and grow when they returned home. They are both true profiles in courage.”

This is really cool news and reflects well on the city’s efforts as well. Thanks to Ed Schipul for the linkie!

The 50-yard indoor war is about to kickoff again!

The Texas Copperheads begin training camp today at Berry Stadium in preparation for the 2007 arenafootball2 season. Players will report to camp today and undergo physicals on the same day. The first on-field sessions begin at 7 p.m. Camp will run through Sunday, April 1, with the final 22-man roster due on April 2. Media and fans are invited to attend any of the on-field sessions.


Halliburton heads to the desert

Okay so it’s not the whole company, most probably just the fat cats at the top (i.e. ceo, chairman and cronies) that are moving to Dubai. In fact all the articles I’ve come across keep reinstating the fact that it won’t actually impact Houstonians much and that Halliburton will continue to be a big employer in the Houston area. Houston Chronicle story here.

For those of you not familiar with Dubai, it has become a hotbed for foreign investments due to their lax investment and tax laws. Oh and the mad shopping that happens there–tax free!
Check out the Dubai metblog here.
What are you thoughts on this move?

Hometown Heroes Save the Day

When the little rascals (Rascall Flatts) pulled out of their show at the tonight’s Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, three cowboys rode in to save the day. Apparently, the lead singer for RF had sumfin’ wong wif his wittle fwoat. Joe Nichols along with Houstonians Jack Ingram and Clay Walker stepped up to the challenge of a last second call and delivered in fine fashion.


Joe Nichols started things off with some of his hits and a few of the lesser known tracks, but sound issues early on hurt the performance. Jack Ingram shocked the house by turning in the best performance. It was obvious that he was excited to have the opportunity to play at the rodeo in front of his hometown… excited enough that despite being in New York City at 1:30 PM, he still made it in plenty of time to rock the house. The night ended up with Houston favorite – Clay Walker. As usual, he turned in a fine performance, and as usual, the fans loved it.

By the end of the evening, I don’t think there was a person in the stadium who remembered the name Rascall Flatts.

(crappy cell-phone photo copyright Chris Doelle)

Happy Pi Day!


Today is Pi Day (as in 3/14 like 3.14159…). For many this is a big deal, for even more than that it’s probably just something you heard on the radio and rolled your eyes about.

If you fall in the first category, there’s still time to get over to the Houston Children’s Museum to participate in the Pi Day/Albert Einstein birthday celebration.

In celebration of these two significant days, join the Museum for fun games and activities. Take a stroll down the pi walk, 75 feet worth of this infinite decimal, to get an idea of how long it continues. Play circle logic, create a marbleized painting using a pie plate of shaving cream and food coloring, or measure the diameter of a tree trunk in the EcoStation exhibit. Enjoy a hearty serving of Frito Pie in the Kids’ Café; plus, kids can make edible mini-pies, meet Albert Einstein and sing him “Happy Birthday” at 1:59 p.m.

Starbucks 2nd Annual ‘Coffee Break’ tomorrow


Tomorrow, Thursday March 15th, from 10am-12pm, is Starbucks’ ‘Coffee Break’ – its 2nd annual coffee-give-away. Via Brotherhood of the Bean:

Starbucks will be giving away free 12oz. cups of coffee to anyone who wanders by their stores and needs a coffee fix. You can bet your money that the lines will be long, but if you find yourself within walking distance of a Starbucks (LOL — “If”), stop on by for some free coffee.

Look for a Starbucks nearest you and join in the caffeinated madness. Or be a rebel and visit one of the many other amazing (less corporate) Houston coffee shops.

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