Friendswood Councilman: Spanish Speakers = Sex Offenders

Friendswood City Councilmen Chris Peden and John LeCour want to make the English the city’s official language. Thats not really uncommon these days, plenty of politicians are pushing for that in city, state and country. What is unique about their proposal is the blatant idiocy in their reasoning. They say that making English the official language:

  1. Will help border security
  2. Is similar to the city’s ordinance prohibiting sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of places where children gather

According to the Chron:

City Councilman Chris Peden said the proposed measure would be a safeguard for Friendswood and compared it to the city’s ordinance prohibiting sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of places where children gather.

How, in any way, does specifying an official language compare to protecting children from sex offenders? Well, it doesnt. So, that means that you’re likening the people who speak the language to someone you have to protect your children from. That is just plain racism.

The slightly less insidious but equally stupid John LeCour says: “(Our borders) need to be controlled, and maybe it’s something we can start here, a movement here that the state and the federal government should see that the citizens are serious

Yes sir, language secures borders. All this time we thought it was the lack of policing and promise of opportunities here that allowed people to enter the country. No! It was just the fact that they’re allowed to speak Spanish to city officials that brings ’em in.

At least they’re putting it up to citizen vote and not just taking matters into their own hands.

Ok, so you know my opinion… whats yours? Do you think this would help national security or Friendswood city services?

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  1. shawn (unregistered) on November 30th, 2006 @ 4:12 pm

    God help us all, here come the Spanish speakers! There goes the neighborhood. I think that everyone should go sign up for self defense lessons in case someone should randomly try to speak Spanish to you. Y para los que no tomen esto en serio, pues ya se chingaron!

  2. steve (unregistered) on December 3rd, 2006 @ 12:30 am

    Why shouldn’t they bring this to vote? Peden and LeCour, like many people are probably tired or having almost everything written in multiple languages. Isn’t that discrimination in favor of Latinos?
    By making the city language English, ballots and other material will be printed in English only, favoring noone. After all, maybe the Chinese should scream racism since ballots are not printed in Chinese. Latinos want stuff printed in their language so shouldn’t every other country be represented?
    I really don’t understand why they brought up the sex offender policy though. Probably just politicians saying whatever sounds good at the time. But the border security I can see. He means if you stop publishing everthing in Spanish, it will show the politicians that people are sick of the pandering to Latinos and it will streamroll into, less welfare checks for Latino families that have 5 kids that can’t afford them, taking advantage of emergency rooms, reimbursed school supplies, free or reduced lunches, mexican gangs, high percentage of the population being illegal…and blah blah blah. I’m sure you’ve heard it all before a million times.
    Just out of curiousity, why shouldn’t the offical language of the US be English? Most people think it is! Do Latinos feel so threatened by that? I immigrated here and learned English; nothing wrong with being bilingual but you have to admit, how many of the latino immigrants speak English? And if you print stuff in Spanish, what incentive do they have to learn English. I believe it is the Hispanic people that are holding themselves back and they alone will be responsible for creating a “slave class” by not elevating themselves and learning our language, culture, history, etc. If I moved to Mexico, whould you print stuff for me in English? I would feel ashamed if I didn’t learn Spanish. Isn’t that why Europeans say Americans are so egotistical, because when we are in other countries we expect people to talk to us in English. And they are probably right. That is the same feeling Americans are getting of Latinos. That they are egotistical in not speaking English.

  3. Becca Satterwhite (unregistered) on December 8th, 2006 @ 8:01 pm

    I don’t understand the concept of wanting to make things _less_ convenient for anyone. In the same way I am unable to see having things written in multiple languages as constituting a problem. Does it somehow slow you down to have to see a translation printed beneath the English text?

  4. steve (unregistered) on December 9th, 2006 @ 12:08 am

    Becca, I don’t believe writing things in multiple languages is an inconvience or slows anyone down, it is the principle of it. Why not print ballots in 250 languages? Do you think for a second that people will have an incentive to learn English if things are printed in Spanish? Maybe ballots because they are pretty important but so are many other things. If these guys don’t care to learn your language, do you they give a crap about the election process. Don’t you feel like people are using your country by not assimilating, and for Christs sake even bothering to learn our language. I can understand if you are older, or have a learning disability… but I know tons, freaking tons of times that I have seen latinos totally take advantage of everything we offer and now someone whats to make English the offical language and people go nuts. I don’t get it. We are the bad guys? Wait until you get passed up for a promotion or hit by an illegal without insurance, or you work hard to feed your family and someone else with 5 kids gets the food stamps but have no problem buying cell phones. I guess some people could care less about America or being American. The culture is changing and if you want your kids to grow up in little Mexico, go ahead. I see nothing wrong with making English offical. Were we not founded by England, and aren’t our laws written in English? What state do you live in Becca? Maybe you should take Chinese lessons a few hours a week. Or Russian. Inconvienced? :)

  5. Bart is smart (unregistered) on December 11th, 2006 @ 11:56 am

    To Steve:

    Dude, you got passed up for promotion because of an illegal???? HAHAHA No wonder you are so off-balance! What does that mean? You make like $1.25 an hour? AND you have time to write a comment about something someone wrote about someone else’s comment?!? Dude get some sort of better work ethic. “Cause them illegals? They are beating you. They are beating you to the Food Stamp line, too!?!?

    BTW, if you want to rant about the language learn how to use it OK? Official is spelled just the way it is at the beginning of this sentence not the way you spelled it in your rant.

    But really the only people talking about “bad guys” are the people in your camp, Steve, if that IS your real name. No one on the other side of the issue is speaking in terms of good or bad just fair play. When the other waves of immigrants came to the US they didn’t speak English if they did not come from an English speaking country, like anywhere but the British Commonwealth. These folks are no different in their ability to come and have a little time to adjust. There are plenty of important, famous people in the US who did not grow up in an English speaking home, there are a lot of decent, everyday people who did not grow up in an English speaking home and have done just fine in mainstream USA.

    You need to grow up (and learn to use spell check)and stop spewing bile and rhetoric from the idiot’s party line. I’ve been hit by a white guy that did not have insurance, Steve, does that retrofit him as an illegal? What kind of home did you grow up in? Obviously a bitchy, whiny complaining place with no food stamps or spell check.

    Another BTW, learning other languages a few hours a week? That’s called education, Steve. An experience (you’d say inconvenience) many of your mindset missed out on. Food stamps, promotion, spell checks, and education??? You really should get busy being more productive and stay off the internet, Steve!

  6. Gibraltar is Far Enough (unregistered) on December 11th, 2006 @ 12:55 pm

    America was once a beautiful land with abundant resources, breathtaking landscapes, endless opportunity and living space as far as the eye can see.

    Now the idiots who screwed all that up are complaining about someone else coming here to screw things up. Really? because these people work cheap and some don’t know English too well this country will become “little Mexico?” Did it become little Italy or little Germany or little Armenia or anything other than little minded.

    Illegal or not these immigrants are people with hopes and dreams and ambition, everything this country was built on. These people have demonstrated one heck of a lot of moxy (that’s balls for you Houstonians, that’s having a lot of courage and determination, Steve and other Steve like people, Courage and determination means – ah forget it) to walk thousands of miles risking life limb and “inconvenience” in order to work two, three in some admirable cases four jobs to earn a living for their life here and to pay for their own abroad.

    That is something to insult only when you can’t rate. The people on the complaining side of this immigration issue are of the living by your credit cards, up-to-the-eyes-in-debt, can’t get a lawnmower between your pasteboard mansion and the next future tenement, haven’t voted since registered, flippin’ off old ladies from the safety of your over-priced SUV, TV/porn/internet/substance/chemical/Cialis/Viagra/Enzyte addicted, child neglecting, liberal bashing, religion hating, morally bankrupt, TAKING BACK AMERICA, ENGLISH ONLY, nitwits. Who wouldn’t want to assimilate into that?

    Illegal immigrants are a boon to our economy (bring it on happy typers)an example of the real American spirit of pulling ones self up by ones bootstraps and paying their own way to do it in two different countries! The issue of illegal immigration is a legal issue not a cultural one. Therefore the method to remedy the issue is a legal one like enforcing or changing the laws to suit, like a guest worker program or stop manhandling the Mexican agriculture and they won’t need to leave.

    Cultural knee-jerk stupidity, the likes of which with minor-player politicians are trying to make a name for themselves, do nothing at all. If English is the official language then what do the high schools of that municipality do with their foreign language requirements? If English Only is the theme is that any different than “Blacks Not Welcomed Here” or “Jude” signs with yellow Star of David? Cultural actions are taken by bigots and small-minded aspiring political morons… oh and Fascists.

  7. webelder (unregistered) on December 12th, 2006 @ 6:36 pm

    If your job requires you to interact with the general public,then you should have the ability to speak English. I do not want to call 911 to reach an operator who doesn’t speak English. It’s that simple….

    Anywhere else,speak whatever you wish.


  8. webelder (unregistered) on December 12th, 2006 @ 7:26 pm

    After reading over the above responses,it appears (to me anyway) that most of you have missed one key appears we are talking “Friendswood _City Services_” here..not the general population.

    If making English the “Official Language” is in order that “City Service’s” employee’s be required to speak English..then great..I would not pay taxes for services I cannot use because some city employee couldn’t speak English to me if I need help. Why should I be required to learn Spanish? or whatever. (Like the original reason all this came about)..This is a Historically English speaking Country..the Constitution is not printed in other should be up to YOU to learn English instead of demanding bi-lingual services and materials. I can quarantee you that no other South of the Border Nation has Police,Fire,Medical or Government employee’s who can only speak English and not the native tongue…even if the immigrants there pay taxes too.And to those who claim past generations of immigrants from Europe came without English speaking’s true..but it’s also true they either learned English fast or were left out or had someone translate for them.

    Making English Official doesn’t mean printed materials,signs,etc could still not be printed according to the need for bi-lingual materials,but just that a City will not be mandated to do so. It will be up to the will of the community as a whole and the cost involved.

    Perhaps those that require special treatment because of their inability to speak English could in some small way help defray the cost involved in providing services above and beyond that offered to regular taxpayers? Here again,why should I have to pay higher taxes for these extraordinary services that are useless to me?

    And please..can the “racism” is a lot more complicated than that. Shouting “racism” doesn’t solve everything all the time.

    Just my thoughts,
    Please direct all hate mail to:

  9. T.W. Gibson (unregistered) on December 14th, 2006 @ 4:11 pm

    Not really sure where they were going with that whole sex offender thing but in regards to securing our borders it just makes for a less appealing refuge for illegals that refuse to learn our language. If it defers criminals from the friendswood area, I’m all for it. And for those that keep forgetting “illegals”, are by definition, criminals.

  10. steve (unregistered) on December 16th, 2006 @ 12:51 am

    To Bart: you my friend, are an idiot. Learn to punctuate and stop using “dude” every 3 words! Can’t debate me so you have to attack my speeling huh? I’m probably more educated than you, have a better job, come from a better family and probably make 10 times what you make. Are you a latino? on a latino scholarship? Whiteman excluded? or a member of La Raza (the race).
    What camp am I in since you know so much? And you ask if Steve is my real name, why wouldn’t it be? Are you hiding behind a different name and asume I do the same. Let me guess, you are Jose? Juan? I only figure that because you become real angry and simply making English the offical language of a small town outside Houston. If I am wrong, so sorry! And BTW, I do speak 2 languages and the govn doesn’t print stuff in Italian for me. I came here leagally, learned English, why is that so difficult? Simple question?
    Bottom line is this-if you don’t learn English you are stuck in the slave class, PERIOD! I own a restaurant and believe me, I see alot, hear alot and can make an educated opinion about the topic. I believe most people haven’t gotten all the facts so they say “Oh lets love our neighbors to the South, blah blah blah”.

  11. steve (unregistered) on December 16th, 2006 @ 1:10 am

    To Gibraltar: so what if people sacrifice life and limb. Millions throughout the world sacrifice everyday. It is Illegal! Period. Why not open the borders up to everyone? You think only the honest workers come over? Do they vaccinate like we do?Isn’t TB making a comeback, thanks to who? What are their intentions? Don’t know do you? But you love em anyways and want them here without knowing who’s coming. Tell me where you live, and I’ll buy the house next door and let some of my cooks friends live there.
    I do love the description of “the people on the complaing side”. But it is true for both libs and conserv. Actually most of America! How do we manhandle the Mexican agriculture.
    I believe part of the solution is a guest worker program but do you think they will leave?
    If we put as much money into Mexico and we have Iraq they maybe they wouldn’t have to leave their country for a better life.
    I own a restaurant and employ many Latino’s. They are freaking awesome workers but they do take advantage of the system. I would like to hear how they are a boon to our economy and I’ll show you how they are a drain! Email me privately and I’d love to debate you.
    To Webelder: well said!

    By the way, my cook make 36k/yr His 5 kids who were born here were paid for my you. And they are educated in Spanish and have school supplies paid for by you. His 15 year old just had a baby, also paid for by you and collects WIC, paid for by you. And his friends probably have or will one time have your identity! and he also has your kids job! but your kid is probably lazy anyways. I know 50 million Africans who want to come over and live here, Any opponents?
    Why not (same idea isn’t it).
    And the funny thing is, I’m a freaking minority!

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