Anime Drawing Lessons

Artist Lane Montoya is offering Anime lessons on Fridays from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. The address is: 3200 FONDREN, SECOND FLOOR HOUSTON TX 77063 (map).


Mechanical pencils, drawing pencils, sketchbook, markers, drafting pens.

WEEK 1 – An introduction: What makes the style so fascinating? Emphasize on the importance of shapes, lines, and a steady hand. It’s OK to draw stick figures.

WEEK 2 – Existing characters. What makes them so cool and rememberable?

WEEK 3 – Observe things from life. Outlining shapes from our stick figures into body parts. Who do you want your character to be?

WEEK 4 – Perspective, and why it’s important. Taking our sketch and moving it around the plane of view. Unfinished is OK!

WEEK 5 – Filling in the details. Anime eyes, hands, feet, and all the tricky details. Even his/her personality!

WEEK 6 – Character complete. Designing fashion for your new character, how it drapes, moves, and personifies your character.

WEEK 7 – Putting your character in a setting. Is your girl from outer space, or is she a regular school girl? Once again, development and perspective for setting.

WEEK 8 – Outlining and inking your new picture. Getting it ready to color. Tracing your own work is OK!

WEEK 9 – Character development after the concept: Stronger, better faster. Where do you see your characters story taking him? Just for fun coloring session.

WEEK 10 – How do the pros do it? An intro on how the pros use digital painting tools to aid them in their process. Rundown on the programs used (photoshop, painter, open canvas), including 3D Programs.

The classes actually started last night (oops, I’m a little late posting this). But there are still 9 weeks left. Send an e-mail to get more details.

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