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Pain killers

What do you do when your rent is late, your car insurance is cancelled, your registration is expired, your car payment is two months behind, your refrigerator is empty, your checking account is overdrawn and you just got pulled over by the police?

I’m totally sincerious!!!! What do you do?

There is an answer…..I’ll be back with it.

Moving Downtown

Eller Wagon Wheel Building, Houston, TX

After years of working in and around west Houston I just moved my office downtown across from Minute Maid Park. The commute isn’t nearly as bad as I feared and so far I love the neighborhood. The only thing I’m really missing is the variety of lunch spots that I’ve become accustomed to (suggestions welcome! the comments are open). I’m curious, though, any alternate opinions on the pros and cons of working downtown?

The Hunter, mourned

Always wondered why he was called the hunter. Coz the only thing hunters did was hunt animals, rather than explore them. And Irwin belonged to the latter.

Knowingly or unknowingly we are mourning his death, the death of the man who was rather popular by the name The Crocodile hunter. And this post goes out to Irwin and his family from the Houston Metblog family. I’m sure every other person, right here from Houston can relate to growing up watching his shows. The Australian who was known for his dare devil stunts, and his passion for wild life, especially the dangerous kind.

The part that saddened my heart, was when I saw a recast of him talking with Larry King live about how he dint want to die and leave his daughter without a father, he said he was going to try hard not to.

But most of all I’m glad he died doing what he did best, and what his first love had always been.

Irwin, May you rest in Peace, and you will always be remembered as the man who dared to do it.

Name the Park, Become Famous, Get the Girl (or guy)


Ok, not really. But wouldn’t it be awesome to have a hand in naming a park that will become a landmark in downtown Houston for generations to come? Or at least until someone builds townhomes over it.

The Houston Downtown Park Conservancy is running a contest to name the new Downtown Park being built in… well… Downtown. The name of this 12 acre park will be a decision by committee, er, community. And you get to help! You can vote online or by phone at 713-238-8125. So get off your lazy butt and take part in more than freeway traffic! Scour your knowledge of Houston’s rich history and come up with something, or someone, worthy of becoming a plot of grass in the shadow of the GRBCC.

Again, vote online or by phone at 713-238-8125. Deadline for votes is September 18th, 2006.

Being the impartial media outlet that I am (ha!) I cannot try and influence your vote, but others have good ideas.

Have a good idea of your own? Tell us in the comments! Maybe someone will vote for it. Maybe I’ll post about it again. Gasp! Maybe it will win. And then you’ll be famous. And you’ll get the girl. Or guy.

Chuy’s Green Chile Festival

Famous for their Elvis memorials, Chuy’s is having their annual Green Chile Festival. Lots of menu items with green chiles in them, and they’re roasting the things in the parking lot with a bingo barrel and a gas jet…

Here’s a few stills I took with Ziggy3 the V:


How does it feel to be a new guy in Houston? Ask me. It comes with a lot of challenges.

The Cat’s Meow

The Museum of Fine Arts hosts an exhibition called The Cat’s Meow:

The exhibition presents a wide range of works of art that celebrate the mystery of cats, in all of their nine lives.

The Cat´s Meow gathers approximately 25 works from the MFAH collections of prints and drawings, photography, and Asian art, all featuring fabulous felines in various stages of posing, prowling, and purring.

There’s also an exhibit on dog art, which I noticed was showcased in either Time or Newsweek this week. But I’m a cat person and dogs suck.

Geek Gathering – September

Technology Bytes is a weekly call-in radio show at KPFT every Wednesday evening (available via podcast in case you forget), and they typically hold a monthly Geek Gathering at hangouts around town here there is feasting, fun, and WiFi merriment.

They used to regularly hang out at Kaveh Kanes for Geek Gatherings, but Kaven Kanes is no more. So for May, they have selected Tropioca as the site of the Geek Gathering:

This Friday August 4th is the monthly Technology Bytes Geek Gathering. We’ll be at Tropioca @ 2808 Milam, just South of Downtown. Tropioca specializes in bubble tea, coffee and smoothies. They also serve up desserts and free WiFi. For those not in the know, a Geek Gathering is exactly what is sounds like. The geeks from this show as well as a bunch of our listeners all descend upon a single location and geek out over gadgets, technology and the latest geek humor.

If you have not experienced in person the greatness of the throbbing vein in “Fighting” Jay Lee’s forehead as he repeats the mantra of “Spyware!” you have not yet lived. You want to live, don’t you?

I myself will not be there, so that’s added incentive to attend. I will be busy feasting on bread, garlic, brie, and the inevitable stench that follows (ie. The Astros playing the Mets.)

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